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Thread: Coachella 2012 - The Essential Guide To Car Camping

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    Default Coachella 2012 - The Essential Guide To Car Camping

    I'm sick of continually reposting in all these peoples threads who are traveling and asking about the essentials, so here it is, my one last hoorah on helping people...

    First off, READ THIS**

    Now once you make a kit having those items, and yes, don't be dumb, get a small bag together and make this kit with band aids, Advil, Benadryl, etc. etc. now we can move on. If you don't make the kit you'll likely forget an item or 2 and that's going to ruin you or cause extreme discomfort.

    other misc. items I'd bring not listed from the Survival kit-

    A power strip, if you go to a charging station having a power strip could be a lot easier to handle/manage your groups phone and also easier to keep an eye on, people have had their stuff stolen at charging stations, BE CAREFUL

    Zip ties - in case something breaks with your canopy, tent, anything really zip ties are essential and will most likely come in handy.

    What GEAR do you NEED? Here I have listed what many of us consider to be the essential items in car camping, you can find better deals than this but for those of you traveling I am listing Walmart items so you can buy them and use Site-to-Store pickup and just grab the items and head to the festival.

    This list is based off of a group of 4, plan accordingly if you have more/less, etc.

    Canopy - it's arguably the most difficult thing to get/bring while traveling but I believe (as well as many others on this board believe) it's the most important item of car camping. If you can't bring it or buy it, then you can't and you will have to make do without it but IT WILL HELP A LOT. There is no shade on the campgrounds and the sun is UP and SHINING and HOT starting at 6am.

    Tarp - for the canopy, you can use tarps to create extra shade so sleeping in or just chilling will be a lot more comfortable.

    Sleeping bag - don't need anything fancy

    Tent- It's nice but not really needed if you have a canopy you can sleep under it in a sleeping bag or cot and you will feel the nice breeze and get sleep w/o a tent, but if you want to "smush" "do sex" as the douchebags from Jersey Shore would say, a tent is pretty crucial for privacy.


    Chairs- you may not be at the campsite that much but you may be at it enough to want to sit on something above ground to relax

    Food and snacks- Defintely stock up on snacks, chips, trail mix, fruit and veggies. If you want real food though and to save A LOT of money over the weekend you'll need the next 2 items. Most items at the festival (inside/out) will cost you about $9-$15 an entree, that adds up quick. You're looking at about $120 on basic meals and if you're a big eater like me, it's really expensive.

    Cooler - With a decent cooler I suggest buying dry ice, Smart & Final has dry ice, also there is a dry ice place off the 10 freeway not too far from the festival that sells dry ice, I bought DI from them last year and it worked out good, if you are bringing food into the festival keeping them cold is essential and you do not want food poisoning.

    Here is a basic cooler that would work fine-

    for those in california and/or traveling and not flying freeze all liquids like water, lemonade, gatorade, juice ahead of time and you'll have massive ice blocks, it will save you money in buying ice.

    Ps. if you're using dry ice- DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HANDS and wrap it up in newspaper or a towel or something, it will keep it insulated and make it last all weekend long.

    Camp stove- Pretty obvious, if you have food you'll need to cook it, REMEMBER get a propane stove.

    Propane Tanks - You can't get them online but they will have them in store, Walmart's have a 2 pack for like... 5 something, about $6 after tax, 2 tanks will last you all weekend long, (unless you have a massive group and you're always using it).

    2 Pack propane tank
    Cheaper than the Coleman

    Table - to cook on, and prep on, now DO NOT BUY THIS LINK, they have these tables in stores for 14.99 individually, and you will just need one.


    Mister -

    Portable shower - hang that from your Canopy, CAREFULLY and you can shower at the camp site, put that pool under the shower and it won't be all wet at your campsite.

    Kitchen - A kitchen set up is awesome. They have folding kitchens and you may want to look into some of the options.

    2013 UPDATE!

    One situation that has came up much worse than in previous years is the wind was much worse and the weather was much colder than usual. Lower your ez-ups when you leave for the day. If you do not plan on coming back or are not sure if your group will be around I suggest this. I was at camp when the winds really kicked up on day 1 and I saved our camp by lowering everything.

    I have to admit though, when it's cold at Coachella life is a lot more bearable and you can travel much lighter didn't even use my mister once last year.

    Rain Fly- if you do not have an ez-up over your tent or something covering your tent I would suggest making sure you have a rain fly and make sure you get a tarp to put under your tent.

    REMEMBER If the winds kick up, lower your ez up.

    I made it a habit that each day I left I lowered my ez up and never had any issues.

    2014 update!!!

    I would suggest picking up a smaller solar panel just for charging your phone. Everyone should have one at this point.

    I use this,

    It works really well. Charges pretty fast and it's pretty durable.

    2015!!!!!! UPDATE

    In terms of tents I would look into an instant tent here is a pretty good deal on instant tent
    Instant Tent w/ 2 queen beds

    If you'd like room to stand there is this option as well, I have this tent but the Coleman ver. of it.
    6 Person Instant Tent
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