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    Anyone have bad experiences with purchasing tickets on Ebay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonles View Post
    Anyone have bad experiences with purchasing tickets on Ebay?
    I got scammed 400 once trying to get tickets to an British festival. It was a fake company that got a lot of people to buy from them, then they claimed their 'finance manager' absconded with the money and we had to claim it back on our home insurance. Plenty of people I know have had no trouble though.

    I would suggest buying from an individual, not a company, with good feedback. Way fewer things can go wrong

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    Nope. I buy all my extra concert tickets on eBay, using Paypay, of course. Never had a single problem.
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    Whatever you do, don't pay cash or western union.

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    Ebay offers buyer protection.... meaning if u do get fucked u can atleast get your money back from them. I would suggest this over any other purchase (craigslist, ect). I bought 2 tickets and a camping pass last year and didnt have a problem

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    not if it is over 45 days. one reason to wait and buy closer to the festival.

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