Hello guys!

I have been having people come camp out in my back yard every year since 2007. I will be having it at my fathers house once again. He has a really big back yard, you will have to bring your own camping gear. We will provide you with, shampoo, you will have access to the inside of the house to cook if you need to, & use the bathroom. We will also have a cooler in the back yard, plenty of chairs and tables, there is also a grill. The house is about 3 miles away from the event, everyone usually carpools or someone drops us all off at the event. It will be $25 per person per night. If you are interested please email me to czaragoza07@gmail.com. Thank you!

My cousin is also renting out rooms at her house that is only a 5 minute drive from the event. She has 2 rooms for rent & her living room if you are interested please give her a call at 760-485-7150

Let's make this another great year!