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Thread: How to get to Coachella?

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    Default How to get to Coachella?

    Well... it's hard for me to explain this in english but i would try.

    Rage Against The Machine is one of the most important band onf the 90's (with the RHCP and Nirvana), not only because his music, but also because his lyrics about socialism, fight against totalitarism and powerty.

    But, after 9 years playing together they splited without playing on South America. So, we keep waiting and Morello made a promise: they would come to SA with Audioslave (not so great, but still very good) after Our Of Exile... now they have their Revelations but we are still waiting for the Nightwachman and co on Argentina.

    This month... rumours started to raise, Audioslave will come to the "Quilmes Rock" festival on 10th of april. But after that I got this news, RATM will be live again, on California on 29th of april. So, there isnt any chance that Audioslave will play here on that festival.

    Ok, but that isnt a bad news, it's better to see RATM living again (even by internet!) and wait another year to see Audioslave. You know, we waited 16 years, we can wait 1 more (well i didnt, i'm 23 and i didnt know ratm when i was 7, but i waited a lot, at least since 97 when they were announced on a tribute to the Madres de Plaza de Mayo but finally the couldn't come).

    So here is the question, today I had a crazy idea (not so original). I saw a lot of news about people being rich thanks to the internet and i think that i could start a paypal's account to receive donations to flight to Coachella and see them live. I dont want to be rich, I only (only... well, not only, i need something like 2000 uss .P) want to travel to California alone and see Rage Against The Machine live (not on internet, not on dvd, real live!).

    That's all... i created a paypal account and if there is someone crazier than me (i dont know, maybe there is a lot of crazy+kind people on California) I'll get some help. If i dont get any donation, it's ok, i will see it by internet (if they broadcast it) and i only spent some minutes writing this .

    Thanks for reading and good luck on the show... and give my regards to Tom Morello, Zack de la Rocha and John Frusciante .

    My blog with the paypal link:
    Automatic Writing (Paypal link here)


    PS: Also i need some info like: which is the closest airport? How much have to pay to travel on bus from the airport to Coachella? It will be easy to get a tent for rent on that week? How expensive is the food there (on dollars)? That's all, thanks again and sorry for the duplicated thread (edited/deleted the wrong one).

    EDIT: I made some maths and I've enough money for the tickets and other needs... I only need a plane ticket or money for that (the 1st is the best option :P). Thanks!
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    I want to be on Coachella to see RATM, but I live on Argentina. Maybe i will be there... See more on this thread:
    or in my blog:

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    Si amigo

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