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Thread: Your Complete Guide to Coachella 2012 (According to the New Times)

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    Default Your Complete Guide to Coachella 2012 (According to the New Times)

    Came across this article the New Times just put out. Thought it was pretty cool how they linked the artist that they had interviews/articles on to the respective article. Gives you a way to read something about the artists and maybe find some things you didn't know or someone you didn't know you liked. Thought I would share.
    Coachella '10, '11, '12 (w2), '13 (w1), '14 (w1) and hopefully every one after

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    Default Re: Your Complete Guide to Coachella 2012 (According to the New Times)

    Sean- If you get a chance, check out the map I did with all of the artists. Each marker has a link with more info. Sometimes it has an interview with a band, sometimes it's just a little more info and an embedded video.

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