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    Default Golden Earring

    Mainly known for Radar Love and to a lesser degree Twilight Zone. I think they have a much deeper catalog than given credit for and should be a lot bigger in the U.S.

    She Flies On Strange Wings is one of my favorite songs.

    Anyone else here like Golden Earring?

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    Default Re: Golden Earring

    The "Twilight Zone" video caused my parents to cancel MTV from our cable service in 1985.

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    Default Re: Golden Earring

    Radar Love is an awesome song. But, regardless, BANLETE.
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    Default Re: Golden Earring

    What is this? Who gives a fuck about Golden Earring? Who ever gave a fuck about Golden Earring?
    Quote Originally Posted by thelastgreatman View Post
    No Taj Mahal or Ry Cooder? Fuck this thread.

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