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    Would be a hell of a lot better with a Blake at the end. Instead we got shoveled a 90's brit rock band called James. Why the fuck isn't James Blake playing this year?

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    Worst thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by concertgoer View Post
    Worst thread
    Quote Originally Posted by JustSteve View Post
    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
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    It's jsut dawned on me that I'm overly confident and a extremely ocd perfectionist.
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    I don't give a flying fuck about the Kardashians, I doubt they know who Belle and Sebastian are.

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    James Blake is awful. The first time I heard him I thought someone was fast forwarding through a CD.
    You're awful.

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    James blake is a fantastic artist, but this thread is in bad taste as James are also a great live act.
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    James is awesome. They're one of my top acts for Friday. I much prefer them over James Blake (even though Mr. Blake is indeed great)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoachellaFriendly View Post
    Would be a hell of a lot better with a Blake at the end. Instead we got shoveled a 90's brit rock band called James. Why the fuck isn't James Blake playing this year?
    Keep listening to Miley Cyrus and Britney spears you idiot.... What a great music taste!!

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    First thing we saw at Coachella this year. We got there about 5 minutes into the set, and within 5 minutes more, my girlfriend turned to me and said "I can't believe I'm already having a moment!" Best place to be at 4:20 on 4/20, as Tim Booth invited us all to celebrate.

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    Absolutely FANTASTIC set and what a performance from the band. Tim was on fiyah and seemed keen on impressing the crowd. In my top 5 for the weekend without a doubt.

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    James absolutely fucking killed it on Friday (second friday). If you were there then you know this is a fact.

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    James Blunt played Coachella.

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    Shit thread is shit.
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    And to be fair to fikus, violent strangulation is one of his better qualities.
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    Being dead is literally the only way anyone on the planet could give less of a shit about you. You look like Farrah Fawcett's melted corpse.

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