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Thread: Madeon

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    The Sahara is never my main priority at Coachella, but made it in for the first 3/4 of his set and it was so much fun.
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    I was very surprised at his mixes. They were poppy but still somewhat fresh. Lots of dancing and good way to kick off the festival.

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    if the set times stay the same, I highly recommend madeon into alesso. they both owned.

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    Madeon crushed Friday, was easily one of the top 3 sets of my weekend. Turns out he was in Phoenix the following night, where a bunch of my friends caught him too. His transitions, sample choices, and the way he hooks a crowd in with his infectious beats spoke to experience well beyond his years.

    If he keeps his head on straight, he's going to be huge. Bigger than Justice huge

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    Madeon was easily one of the most fun and i guess fresh sets for me having never heard any of his material other than Pop Culture and a couple other mixes. Great visuals and Sahara went off for this kid, definitely has potential. Dont think he conflicts with much so def go see if you are into it

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