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Thread: Worst potential conflicts ever?

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    Default Worst potential conflicts ever?

    Probably all from sunset until closing on Saturday: Radiohead, Bon Iver, the Shins, Jeff Mangum, Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, Feist, SBTRKT

    Sunday night: Dre/Snoop, At the Drive-In, Florence + The Machine, La Roux, Beirut, The Weeknd, Justice, Girl Talk, Avicii, DJ Shadow

    Not everyone will want to see every one of those but I'm really surprised at the amount of overlap between similar artists (or at least artists that will appeal to the same group of people)

    Then again, maybe GV can somehow pull it off
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    Default Re: Worst potential conflicts ever?

    Dre/Snoop vs. whoever is in the Sahara. Probably Justice? I'm hoping it will be Avicii. Justice or Girl Talk would be a dagger of a conflict for me.

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