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GV are making side money with hotel packages. Probably 12,000 rooms per weekend locked up by GV and sold with passes for couple hundred dollar markup, meaning a couple million profit on the side. California laws limits how much hotels can jack up prices, but those laws don't apply to "travel packages" and GV has strict rules about sales per person and how they can be re sold.

These packages take months to sell out and this is one of the reasons radius clauses are important.

My 12k estimate is based on the 15k shuttle pass capacity(from city council meetings) and the 9k VIP passes(billboard boxscore) that sell each Coachella weekend in 2012.

This throws curious light on the new strict RV rules for stagecoach.

Also it means that as few as 55,000 tickets are sold per weekend at $300. Pre-sale would be more than half that number judging by GV's claim they did 67,000(w1/w2 combined) in the pre-sale for last years festival.
This is an excellent catch Bumblebee.

The fact that they are into the mix in selling hotel packages must also be a reason they have limited camping through enforcing non-transferable camping tickets. It is not coincidental that the year they sell hotel packages is the year that you cannot purchase a camping spot on stubhub.

I am still shocked at how people that attend Coachella do not realize that the Coachella name is purely a commercialized product, which has become overpriced for the product sold due to its "name brand."

Last year's lineup was sad at best. This year's will of course have one, maybe two big headliners with a bunch of trash underneath speckled with a few highlights.