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    Holy shit. I cannot believe they booked him. Who else is as ecstatic about this as I am?

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    very. although im very afriad the surrounding sound will bleed into this set. i saw jeff twice at ATP in jersey in a beautiful theatre. they should shut down all of coachella to have jeffs set have no sound bleeds.

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    There's basically zero chance of him playing with any kind of back-up band, correct?

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    Although Beirut should just be his band for the weekend. They rip enough off NMH anyways.

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    He did play with some people at ATP at the Monday after show. So who knows? Although if I had to guess, I think it would happen weekend 2

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    Im going with no back up band at all.

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    if that's the case then i hope they turn the volume way up

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    I have a feeling he might ask to be the first one up and do a matinee show in one of the tents.
    If he does it early enough it could be before other stages start going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    if that's the case then i hope they turn the volume way up
    Or people can shut the fuck up when he plays but I doubt that will happen especially at Coachella! Sound bleeds from other stages especially DO Lab! They should have him play at Outdoor like Leonard Cohen's set back in 2009

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