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Thread: 4 weekend #1 passes wanted.

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    Default 4 weekend #1 passes wanted.

    I'm still going to go on the site tomorrow at 10, but I don't need the B.S. shuttle service that they are trying to jam down my throat for an extra $50 bucks!!! Seriously, did they sell 90,000 passes last June.....I highly doubt it!!!! If anyone can help, please send me a note.


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    Default Re: 4 weekend #1 passes wanted.

    buy 3rd party wristbands, risk getting denied if there is a problem with them scanning. worth it to you?

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    Default Re: 4 weekend #1 passes wanted.

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    Default Re: 4 weekend #1 passes wanted.

    For starters, it's more like 75k tickets per weekend. Also, about 15k or so tickets MUST be sold with shuttle passes due to a contract with the city of Indio in an effort to reduce traffic congestion around the festival. It is required by Coachella to abide by these rules. So yes, roughly 60K GA and VIP tickets were sold over a period of a week or so in June, considering 75k sold in 6 days for the 2011 festival you should be grateful you still have an option for Weekend 1 at this point. pay the $50 or go to Weekend 2.

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    Default Re: 4 weekend #1 passes wanted.

    I have two passes for sale,unopened. Call6268088412

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