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    Default Dum Dum Girls

    I have always heard positive things about them, but didn't really listen to any of the albums until the lineup came out. They have some incredible songs, and THAT VOICE...

    Anyway, they have rocketed up to must see status for me.

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    Default Re: Dum Dum Girls

    dum dum girls are rly good bbut their new album leaves a lot to be desired. I'll definitely still check them out. the show I caught in 2012 was stellar.
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    Default Re: Dum Dum Girls

    Was excited to check them out after I heard Bedroom Eyes and then never had the opportunity. Gonna check them out as well.


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    Default Re: Dum Dum Girls

    They are one of the contemporary flagship bands for the Underground Garage on XM. Very excited for some chick garage-rock.

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    Default Re: Dum Dum Girls

    Hell yeah for Dum Dum Girls. I was hoping for Best Coast this year but I feel as though DDG can serve in their place...sort of.
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    Default Re: Dum Dum Girls

    I'd totally check them out. This intro sounds like Suede and another off the new record is very Lush-y ('Cult of Love'). I know, I know.

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    Default Re: Dum Dum Girls

    Love Dum Dum Girls, check out their recent performance on letterman. I will be seeing them for sure during Weekend 2.

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