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Thread: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

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    Default Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

    I am a Peace Corps volunteer serving in Kenya and will be going to Coachella the first weekend. Unfortunately internet is super slow (it took me forever to register and post a new thread here), but I am asking anyone if they could help me out by sending me a mix cd of bands that are playing Coachella 2012. I can't even download song illegally here because of how bad internet is here. I would really appreciate if anyone could make me a mix cd and send it to me in Kenya.

    I dont have preference on bands, anything really. Hope to meet some of you there.
    Thank you so much

    Alan Kawamura
    Peace Corps Volunteer
    P.O. Box 2693-50100
    Kakamega, Kenya

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    Default Re: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

    What you're doing is rad. I'll send your CD tomorrow.
    Happy Coachella!

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    Default Re: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

    Let's hear more about your volunteering.
    Quote Originally Posted by ruetheday View Post
    I don't fucking care. I don't even know who the hell Dave Wang is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Devin the Dude View Post
    you used to be that guy that just Dave Wang's everybody. that guy. he's gone now, and whoever you really are showed up, and that was utter disappointment.

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    Default Re: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

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    Default Re: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

    I will send you a few CDs because you can't get enough on one! Any particular type of music you are most interested in because I can go heavy on your preferences.

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    Default Re: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

    And tell us more about how super slow the internet is there and how long it took you to post something.

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    Default Re: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

    i would love to send you a cd if my computer was working. this will be my last coachella for a while because i'll be leaving with the pc (hopefully) before next april

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    Default Re: Help a Peace Corps Volunteer out..

    Is there any way that people who have sent CDs could post the tracklist of what they've sent so that there aren't repeats? Seriously, what's the worst thing? You send someone who isn't going to Coachella a mix CD of good music?
    2/21: Weyes Blood, Half Waif, 20 Minute Loop, Young Moon @ Swedish American Hall
    2/22: Uniform, Black Marble, Mall Walk, Blank Square @ Starline Social Club
    2/23: Hot Toddies, Great Apes, Brasil
    2/23: Japanese Breakfast, Miya Folick, Dante Elephante, Flying Circles @ Rickshaw Stop
    2/23: Julien Baker @GAMH
    2/24: OCD, Trash Vampire, Phosphene
    2/24: This Will Destroy You, Emma Ruth Rundle @ The Independent
    2/24: Dr. Rubenstein, Erika, Christina Chatfield @ Monarch

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