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Thread: M83 At Coachella 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by syrrus101 View Post
    This was my favorite set all weekend, Morgan fucking killed it on the keyboard!! + her dress was pretty much see though! Shes AMAZING!
    This could totally be my imagination, but speaking of her dress, was she having wardrobe problems? Many of her moves appeared to cleverly disguise in order 1) her constantly pulling an undergarment back up, followed by 2) giving up and finally letting it drop to the ground, 3) taking one foot out and then the other, and finally 4) kicking it backwards towards the stage operator.
    Quote Originally Posted by dj12inches View Post
    What makes me qualified? I've watched EVERY fucking episode of American Idol, and every single episode of The Voice...Forget that I won departmental music awards when I was in the 8th grade choir.

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    I was near the back of the tent and the music wasn't nearly loud enough, I could hear people talking over it even when they were using their inside voices.

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