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Thread: Who's got tickets???

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    Default Who's got tickets???

    Got tickets and coming from the UK. Anybody else get em yet? Problem is aint got camping or shuttle passes, will we still be able to get about?

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    I think its all sold out for weekend 1, got my tickets back in July of last year- layaway!!

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    Default Re: Who's got tickets???

    Vinesybaby, you can get a hotel room near coachella or in palm springs. second, rent a vehicle to get around to and from. but your BEST bet would be to look for someone here on the forum that is willing to let you crash at their camping site or car camping site. the last 2 years theres been a lot of people who had extra space in their camp site, including some who had no one but themselves due to the fact that friends can be unreliable when it comes to making plans. so if you have a positive attitude and is somewhat outgoing you can find a camping spot for you and your friend to crash in. dont be an ass and try bringing a bunch of shit, keep it simple. keep it light, and try not to be a burden. camping site is the place to be! you get to go in and out of the festival back to the camp site. you dont have to walk half a mile from the parking space just to get to the lines. and last but not least, you dont have to wait 2-3 hours just to get out of the parking lot after the festival is over. also, try getting a ride from whatever airport you plan on landing into if someone does let you crash at their camping spot. because if you rent a vehicle you'll have no place to park it for the weekend.

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    Default Re: Who's got tickets???

    Goldenvoice is selling your tickets on stubhub for more than the $285

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