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I love the backing instrumentals and the tone of their voices, but the lyrics are taking women and minorities back two generations.
He's supposed to be a problematic narrator. The best part about these albums, if you listen in to the whole situation, is that his crazy, drug-fueled life eventually makes him feel isolated and self-loathing. The character in this songs (I'm assuming Abel Tesfaye is not really gorging himself on cocaine, oxycontin, ecstasy and prostitutes as much as he claims) is a compellingly messy dude with really, really sketchy morals. It's an anti-hero protagonist. Like Dexter or Tony Montana or something.

Also I have a reflexive discomfort with anyone claiming that any one particular piece of artistic anything is having any sort of human-rights-issue consequences. Taking minorities back? Not trying to start some shit, but arguing that because a black dude is singing about doing dark shit its doing some kind of violence to black people as a group insinuates that one member of a race has the power to fuck things up for everybody. If it's that delicate, then we might as well give up the civil rights struggle now. That's an argument that's been hurled at minorities (sometimes by minorities themselves) for a while now, and it's a hair's-width away from saying that a girl deserved to get raped because she was wearing a short skirt.

Not to soapbox. You have the right to your opinion.