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Thread: THEE OH SEES 2012!

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    Default THEE OH SEES 2012!

    Another one from Treasure Island 2011, first caught them on MyOldKentucyBlog. Provided they play, Who's gonna get hot and sweaty with me?

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    Go in when doors open. Buy your shit. Go back to the car and lock it up. Get a beer at your car. Go back in. See some art. Watch first band.
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    I really wish it was called Titter, I'd teet all day long if that were the case.

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    Default Re: THEE OH SEES 2012!

    best live ever ever

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    Default Re: THEE OH SEES 2012!

    Such a fun time. Would love for them to play.

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    Default Re: THEE OH SEES 2012!

    Bumping for 2013 - of all the Psych-rock acts out there...I hope these guys get the call before Ty Seagall or The Fresh & Onlys or other contenders.

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