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Thread: The Do LaB presents Polish Ambassador and Heyoka!

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    Default The Do LaB presents Polish Ambassador and Heyoka!

    We are excited to announce our first event of 2012 featuring The Do LaB debut of The Polish Ambassador. He will be joined by LIB favorite Heyoka and LA's own ChrisB. and Alexander D.C.D. Smith will be painting live. This is set to be a wild night so let's start the year off right!

    Get Discounted Pre-Sale Tickets:
    Listen to the Music:

    -- About the Artists --


    The Polish Ambassador is a beat machine from the future. Hailing simultaneously from the far reaches of other dimensional Universes and... Oakland, California, this dude drops his own unique blend of electro-funked, glitch-tweaked, wobble-freaked breakbeats that will have you dropping that bottom like it was 92.....3092, that is. The Ambassador builds all of his live sets from a monstrous stash of*original drums, bass, synth, and vox lines. "No Genre Left Behind," he jokes as he blends elements of funk, glitch, idm, hip hop, 80s music, jungle, and dub into a beat soup that will instigate healthy doses of booty shake and fist pump.*

    * HEYOKA *

    Heyoka AKA Andrei Olenev is a cosmic auditory scientist found in the Bay Area noosphere, who has been blowing minds with his sonic manipulations. His early influences in Downtempo, Dub and IDM combined with midtempo dancefloor genres have helped create a very unique sound that combines relentless basslines, hip hop rhythms, dub vibes, and musicality and melody, all within an atmosphere of heavy psychedelia and alien dimensions. The response to his emergence so far has been overwhelming with Heyoka developing audiences and playing festivals around the world.

    * CHRISB *

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, ChrisB was immersed in Westcoast flavor since day one. Boldly exploring vast melodic realms full of hypnotic textures and a heavy dose of emotionally-resonant driving bass, his high energy live performances never fail to inspire each person in the audience. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he is utterly unafraid to toss aside the crutch of 'brute-force' sonic assaults and instead relies only on his brilliant melodic compositions. Chrisís sound reflects a developed musicality not often associated with the bulk of contemporary electronic music.

    *Live painting by Alexander D.C.D. Smith *

    Alexander D.C.D. Smith was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, September 16, 1984, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of three. Smith's work explores the tension between opposites: dark and bright, glossy and matte, precision and spontaneity, structure and freedom. His work is inspired by urban and Asian cultures, typography, early cartoons, sports history, entertainment design, motor sports, and manufacturing techniques.

    -- The Details --

    Saturday January 14th, 2012

    King King
    6555 Hollywood Blvd.,
    Los Angeles 90028
    *entrance is through the parking lot in the back

    This event is 21+

    Get Discounted Pre-Sale Tickets:
    Listen to the Music:

    We'll see you on the dance floor very soon!
    ..:: ~The Do LaB ~ ::..
    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ Thank you for making Lightning in a Bottle 2013 our greatest adventure yet! ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

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    Default Re: The Do LaB presents Polish Ambassador and Heyoka!

    I had a blast at this show! Thanks guys

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