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    OK im coming over for two weeks from 23rd april to La and the festival, I am a massive Manchester United fan and it will be a very important part of the season, anyone any ideas as to where i can watch the games, i know its gonna be on pretty early in the morning bout 8 ish!!

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    I don't know about cali but in MA I can't watch a soccer game anywhere EVER!!

    never mind a Manchester United game.

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    Could be struggling.....I've previously found a quiet pub and asked them to find a channel showing the footy, but thats been on the east coast.

    Might be struggling to find one open that early.....
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    my only suggestion would be to try out Beer Hunter in La Quinta, On the corner of Hwy 111 and Washington. About 4 miles from the fest.

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    The Everton game is a 12 o clock KO so I doubt you'll find anywhere that's gonna be showing it at 4 am over there. If you do, please post coz I'll be game for watching that aswell.

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    Great link, thanks Tom,

    What are the usually opening times for pubs and bars?
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