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Thread: Fun Fun Fun Fest (ATX) 2012

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    Default Re: Fun Fun Fun Fest (ATX) 2012

    ^ Yeah, I noticed the lack of security as well (which was all fine and dandy because there were zero fights from what I understand). I'm glad security was nonexistent at the Black stage especially. I think that would have killed the vibe.

    EDIT* APF doesn't really have security either. Makes for a much better (smaller) fest IMO.
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    Default Re: Fun Fun Fun Fest (ATX) 2012

    6/20 Grizzly Bear/Spoon @ BRIC
    6/21 Richie Hawtin @ Output
    6/22 Gang Gang Dance @ Elsewhere
    6/22 400PPM @ HOLO
    6/23 Fischerspooner @ BRIC
    6/23 Volvox @ Unter
    6/24 Tuskegee @ BK Mirage

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