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Thread: It's raining who gives a fuck

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    Default It's raining who gives a fuck

    A has-been actor's never-was son OD'd. Put the flags at half mast. Cry, America, cry. Put up a statue in front of your art museum. Termites gnaw at your substratum, so focus on the contrived melodrama.

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    Let us instead remember this guy, Richard Zanuck, who died today:

    He helped bring Jaws -- one of my favorite movies.
    Quote Originally Posted by canexplain View Post
    I try to be politically pc more than most here: As a dude, anyone who could put a shark up a gals pc body, is pretty creepy, different and interesting. Just saying big time ..... cr****

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    Lance and I blah blah blah...
    Quote Originally Posted by amyzzz View Post
    Hannah, I don't know that pigs have big weiners, and my early 20's facination with dogs because of weiner size, I think. If that helps.

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    Default Re: It's raining who gives a fuck

    Is this about Sage Stallone? We were housesitting for an editor friend years ago, having a barbeque, and Sage Stallone showed up unannounced and tripping. We gave him a steak and he acted like it was the greatest act of kindness ever shown.
    He started rummaging through film reels in the garage and wouldn't leave til 4am.
    Not that interesting of a story I guess but I just remember him being pretty wacky.
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