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Thread: Dec layaway payment?

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    Default Dec layaway payment?

    It is already the sixth and I have not been charged yet. In the past the payment was always charged on the 1st.

    Also i did not receive and email saying the payment failed (this happen to me in the past cause I forgot to update the expiration date on my credit card. BUT the information is currently up to date).

    Has your payment gone through yet.

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    Default nvm

    issue talked about in a different thread.

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    Default Re: Dec layaway payment?

    what thread? I've been tripping on my payment for this month too.

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    Default Re: Dec layaway payment?

    basically something is messed up with the system. You can call them and they will charge you or you can wait until they figure it out and they will charge you. Doubtfully they will cancel the order cause it is their mistake and the error is not limited to just a few people.

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    Default Re: Dec layaway payment?

    thank you ^^

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