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Thread: Noise Pop 2012 - San Francisco

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    I take back my "uninspired" comment. The line-up has continued to grow on me and the additions since the original announcement have all been pretty solid. I'll be at the Wye Oak show at the Indy on Friday 2/24. Hope to meet some more of you. In the nearly 5 years I've been on this board, I've met 3 of you, though I'm sure I've stood within 25-feet of many...

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    Damnit, I slacked on purchasing my ticket to Grimes and now the event is sold out
    10/29 Hot Chip @ The Fox Theatre
    11/07 Rufus Du Sol @ The Mezzanine (?)
    11/13 Mr Little Jeans @ The Rickshaw Stop
    11/20 Keep Shelly in Athens @ Awaken

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    2/23 - Big Black Delta @ Rickshaw Stop

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    Went to a Noise Pop show tonite...first of three in a row (Wye Oak tomorrow...hell yeah!). Make sure to bring your ATM card...the schwag is pretty dope. I'm going to buy like 4 things tomorrow. Here's one of the posters, with the main "20" logo designed by Shepard Fairey (which is on nearly everything and pretty sweet, I think). The other one has all the band names that have played, line by line, with appropriate ones highlighted in colors based on # of times playing the fest. It's just words, but it's pretty cool how they did it (better than this one, imo). The shirts are the best.

    EDIT: just realized that Brad had already put this poster in here. Well, just pay attention to the 20 light bulb logo...if you like that, you will like the shirts.

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