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Thread: Roskilde 2012 Thread

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    Dr. John, Africa Hitech and Giraffage a was added today.

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    I am glad I decided not to go this year, but hopefully next year will bring me back. It is either this or Oya

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    Is it the line up that does it, well if it is the case then I understand you but I think that this is what we get when they both expand with one stage and in the same time book a artist that take up 1/3 of the music budget.

    But there are 12 names left to be announced so I cross my fingers for something good but I have decided to go anyway and will probably still enjoy concerts with bands I don't know that well beforehand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bongo-anders View Post
    The train takes around 25-30 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station and there is also several directly busses from the eastern gate to the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

    btw. there are missing 15 names on the poster and the rumor says that 1 headliner and 2-3 subliners are among the last 15 and Kiss and Franz Ferdinand are among the names that are mentioned together with Florence & The Machine but they usually donīt reveal the first couple of names before the middle of May.
    You mentioned Kiss a while back...this is starting to look very possible as they've just announced a stand alone date in Norway for June 30.

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    Yes it looks likely but I think that I heard somewere that it was exclusive for Scandinavia.

    We also got the last name for the small Gloria stage, and it is from Marocco we got Hamadcha Sufi Tariqa and 11 to go in total.

    Musical obsession at the Gloria stage
    Hamadcha Sufi Tariqa completes the programme of obsessive, ethnic music on Roskilde Festival’s smallest stage.
    Our intimate stage Gloria presents a challenging schedule of mesmerising music from Africa, The Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

    The musical trance and persistent repetition in the rhythms and vocal harmonies are common among the very different artists appearing in this schedule.

    With their Arabian oboes, exotic major scales and persistent percussion rhythms HAMADCHA SUFI TARIQA of ESSAOUIRA (MAR) creates a unique space that is both timeless and drags you down through the centuries. The roots of this music reach more than 500 years back in time and are part of the mystic and poetic sufi tradition of Islam.

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    Here is Roskilde 2011 seen from a Brazilians view.

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    Here is the second last announcement.

    GOSSIP (US) has a starting point in alternative rock and punk but the band embraces the lip-glossed, glamorous disco pop on the new album A Joyful Noise. The band has the iconic Beth Ditto in front, a wonderful voice and a modern diva who will soon conquer the chic queen throne. Gossip also played Roskilde in 2008 - but since then they have focused more on pop, still with lots of nerve and raw energy.

    LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS (US) are ready to make the Roskilde summer even hotter with some golden-age soul. The same brass-gilded mixture that Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley have previously won over the Roskilde audience with. When you experience the sharply dressed soul crooner and cool cat Lee Fields, you understand why he has previously been called Little James Brown.

    GENTLEMAN & THE EVOLUTION (DE) has captured a large audience with his European hybrid of reggae, dancehall and R&B. Gentleman fills the Roskilde tent with his optimistic message of love, backed by his big band The Evolution. A sunny summer party filled with rocking riddims, shouts for tolerance and Caribbean flavour awaits.

    NIKLAS (DK) has a remarkable talent for creating hits full of Danish-language rap, syrupy sweet synths, 90s disco and power-flirtatious funk attitude. Niklas has become one of today's hottest, totally home-grown pop acts on the Danish scene.

    SPILLEM∆NDENE (DK) conquer their own baroque, literary universe with a point of departure in the ballad and folk tradition. Nicolai Elsberg has a sonorous voice and is an original storyteller, like a young Danish version of Leonard Cohen.

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    Full schedule is now up. I'm surprised at the lack of additions...since announcing the poster they haven't added much of significance, aside from maybe Dr John and Gossip.

    Really strong quartet of headliners but the rest of the lineup is a mixed bag. Not the strongest year IMO.

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    I did expected a little bit more of the last announcements but i do have a busy schedule none the less.


    18:00 - The Shins - Arena
    21:00 - The Cure - Orange
    23:30 - Janelle MonŠe - Arena
    01:00 - Apparatjik - Orange


    12:00 - Rangleklods - Cosmopol
    17:00 - Gossip - Orange
    20:00 - Amsterdance - Apollo
    22:30 - Jack White - Orange
    02:30 - Spleen United - Arena


    14:00 - Mac Miller - Arena
    16:00 - Alison Krauss and Union Station- Arena
    17:00 - The Roots - Arena
    21:00 - Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band
    22:30 - The Toddla-T Sound - Cosmopol
    01:30 - Paul Kalkbrenner - Arena


    15:00 - Magtens Korridorer - Orange
    16:30 - Lars Winnerbšck - Odeon
    19:00 - Amadou and Mariam - Orange

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    Here is 44 air photos from this years festival, our tents in the Get A Tent area is the one just left from the tents forming the word FEELING.!/media/set...8811705&type=1

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    Some of the concerts this year has been recorded this year including one hour of The Cure.

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