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    Just saw them last night at the Greek Theatre and they were outstanding. Good chance they'll come back to Coachella next year me thinks.

    Apologies if this has already brought up, I searched and didn't see they had their own thread and thought they deserve it!

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    I was there last night at the Greek and I concur with this thread.

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    God I hope GV adds them to the line-up! Would be so down to see them.

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    outdoor. sunset.
    April 7 - Sigur Ros - SB Bowl
    April 11 - Radiohead - SB Bowl
    July 21.22.23 - FYF Fest - LA Exposition Park

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    /\ idealy.
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    I think The Rip Tide has been a bit overlooked as one of the really great albums of 2011.
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    Melted my face off at Skrillex

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    Quote Originally Posted by icedKeg View Post
    I think The Rip Tide has been a bit overlooked as one of the really great albums of 2011.
    I second this.

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    Kinda a given. I approve nonetheless. They were great in Portland.
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    Saw them at The Greek Theater in October. Mind blowing. So excited for this year.

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