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Thread: R A D I O H E A D 3/15/12

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    Talking R A D I O H E A D 3/15/12

    so radiohead is finally come back to arizona! this deserves its own thread.

    thursday, march 15th, 2012. arena. presale tickets onsale through W.A.S.T.E. 11/9, ticketmaster 11/12 10am arizona time. AHHHHHH!

    pre-show meet-up will be at 4pm at the yardhouse at westgate.

    4pm at yardhouse. reservation is under my name: ivy. we will be in the two booths in the back with space to mingle. if at all possible, please get there at 4pm so that we can hold down the tables for those who absolutely cannot get there until later. the restaurant prefers most of the party to be there to hold the tables after 4:15pm.

    if you are later than 4:15, there is no guarantee there will be a seat free, but we can all find space to mingle i'm sure

    and the restaurant wouldn't let me make a later reservation. they have an insane beer selection on tap and are pretty laid back, so we opted not to switch restaurants. not to mention that restaurants in this area tend to veer away from reservations on big event nights. also the lawn is not available for tailgating during this show.

    pre-show meet-up list:

    1. westcoastpirate + 1
    2. amyzzz + 3
    3. ficklecycle + 6
    4. Somewhat Damaged + captncrzy's daughter (to the show), captncrzy to attend the pre-show festivities.
    5. tommy + ivysaur + ivysaur's old roomie
    6. faxman
    7. downingthief + 1
    8. TomAz
    9. MuseRadio
    10. TheClares - paul and kim
    11. thebattleofphoenix + brother
    12. hawkingvsreeve + 1
    13. ThomThom
    14. venturas90sgirl
    15. Sin213
    16. locachica73
    17. tommy's friend dustin + his sister
    18. Dale Gribble
    19. nyarlathotoats
    20. choice cat
    21. ivy's co-worker
    22. sl4shd0t + 4
    23. TallGuyCM
    24. HowToDisappear
    25. 1litro
    26. Neutral Milk Hotel + possibly more
    27. TOOLRAGE

      Westgate Maps

      for those not familiar with westgate, here is a directory and parking map with notes on where we are going:

    out of towners:

    looking for places to eat before the show? want to see the dodgers?

    ivy's food suggestions

    jen's food suggestions
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