As the season's change, the afterglow of an amazing summer remains. Where ever your journey has taken you, Gaudi's music will speak to you. His masterful use of worldly rhythms and melodies is equally balanced by Gladkill's emotive use of sub-frequencies. +verb makes his Do LaB debut and Evan Mendleson will be painting live. Join us for an adventurous night of music and friends on Thursday October 13th!

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-- About the Artists --


There is a natural sensitivity to Gaudiís music which enables him to unify different forms of sound from around the world and represent them in his own personal style, while at the same time, most importantly, keeping the heart, integrity and significance of the cultural roots.


Boris Gladkill has established himself as a definitive presence in the bass music community. Best known for infusing the West Coast future bass sound with a sexy, melodic feel and unique composition and song arrangement, Gladkill is at the forefront of the evolution of dubstep, bass and electronic music as a whole.

* +VERB *

+verb (Adverb) has quickly established himself as the undisputed master at the art of audio-manipulation. Effortlessly weaving sensual sounding melodies into the fabric of his rich sonic architecture, +verb assembles vibrant and often quirky soundscapes delightfully adorned with cascading arpeggios and laser-infused beats.

* Live Painting by Evan Mendleson *

My interest in anything art related was sparked when I discovered graffiti at the age of 13. I didn't realize at the time that this interest would eventually lead me into a life dedicated to creating art. I never went to art school, besides a couple of drawing classes at the local community college. I've been painting for about 4 years now, still learning with everything new I do. I do not consider myself an artist I guess, not yet anyway. I work two part time jobs at retail stores in Ventura, my free time is spent surfing, making art, and partying with my friends.

-- The Details --

Date & Time:
Thursday October 13th, 2011

King King
6555 Hollywood Blvd.,
Los Angeles 90028
*entrance is through the parking lot in the back

This event is 21+

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See you on the dance floor!