Hey fellow festival goers,

My name is Will and I have been attending festivals for many years. I have come to find that food, drink, sleeping arrangements... All of these can be planned out and executed with a certain amount of ease.

The hardest aspect with the outdoors is replacating certain utilities that you would normally find in urban areas (Power - Internet - Cooling/Heating - Plumbing... ect) although you dont want to ruin your outdoor experience so this would be in moderation.

This thread is for people to share their innovative ways in the field of out door style living. Share ideas on how you can be in a place that has nothing and make it so it has everything.

Example: Coachella allows no Generators... So unless you want to fight over an outlet with the other thousands of attendees you need power. Maybe its not even a phone, maybe you are camping out and you need power for an electric grill or even just some nice garden lights... Maybe you got Solar but like so many other things in life... Solar does not last forever.

So please share your camp site innovations with us... let us know what you guys are doing to help make your festival and camping experience alot more pleasureable.