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Thread: Eliot Lipp, Virtual Boy, GoldRush - 9/29 @ King King

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    Default Eliot Lipp, Virtual Boy, GoldRush - 9/29 @ King King

    Continuing our quest to bring you the most inspiring and groundbreaking electronic music, we present Eliot Lipp's return to Los Angeles. He is supported by LA artist's Virtual Boy and GoldRush, both of which had very well received performances at LIB this year. Come get your mind stimulated and body moved.

    Get Tickets:
    Listen to the Music:

    -- About the Artists --

    * ELIOT LIPP *

    Eliot Lipp didnít choose to become one of the most looked to artists in contemporary electronic music, but somehow, Lippís sound has quickly garnered the respect among the industryís most influential musicians and producers as well as the deep admiration among audiences worldwide. Lippís signature sound, a crossbreed of 90ís Hip Hop and House, 70ís Funk fusion as well as classic Electro, has and will continue to breakdown barriers and transpose trendy scenes.


    Hotwiring naughty synth lines and dancefloor crushing beats with elegant harmonic textures and twisted, pop-cultured hooks, Virtual Boy craft a grimy, cinematic sound all their own on the groupís debut EP ďHow Long Does It Take To Get To Space?" Virtual Boy is Henry Allen and Preston Walker.

    * GOLDRUSH *

    GoldRush, absorbed in the current resonant energies and profound experience of dancing to/through/within/above/beyond bass heavy music, is on a humble quest to create and deliver music that inspires Romanticism through dubstep influenced composition. Fusing melodic elements of the classical, acoustic, ethereal, synthetic and downright dirty, GoldRush crafts soundscapes from the heart, with the intention to move your body, touch your soul, and activate your mind with a musical dance experience open to the alchemy of the present moment.

    * Live Painting by GRIFFIN ONE *

    Griffin is an Artist of many mediums. He is a Muralist, Illustrator, & Designer. His work combines surreal illustration and urban inspiration, allowing a broad spectrum of emotion, imagination, structure and decay. His subject matter is inspired by the fusion of our modern technological age that is embodied in music and form; this is counter-balanced with Nature and elements of the Old World.

    -- The Details --

    Date & Time:
    Thursday September 29th, 2011

    King King
    6555 Hollywood Blvd.,
    Los Angeles 90028
    *entrance is through the parking lot in the back

    This event is 21+

    Get Tickets:
    Listen to the Music:

    See you on the dance floor!
    ..:: ~The Do LaB ~ ::..
    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ Thank you for making Lightning in a Bottle 2013 our greatest adventure yet! ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

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    Default Re: Eliot Lipp, Virtual Boy, GoldRush - 9/29 @ King King

    This is why you motherfuckers rule so hard.

    See you there.

    LOL! <33
    Quote Originally Posted by Zafocaine View Post
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    Default Re: Eliot Lipp, Virtual Boy, GoldRush - 9/29 @ King King

    ELIOT LIPP will be guest DJing on Turntable.FM tonight at 4pm (pst)!


    Spread the word, thanks <3

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