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    Hey, I'm from Australia and coming to weekend 1.
    Just wondering on what is allowed in car camping as in motorhome/campervan/RV.
    Also what are good companies to hire them from?

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    Cahill, you can't park a traditional motorhome in car parking, but if the rules are similar to last year, you may be able to bring a retrofitted van like a one of these vintage VW buses which rent out of Los Angeles.

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    If you're flying into LA, you should look into this site. The owner is an Aussie as well. 4 of us rented one last year, 2 of them folded the seats for a bed and slept in it 4 nights. It has a sink and a mini fridge. They also will pick you up at the airport for an extra 10 bucks

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    For the love of God, please bring these guys to the Gobi.
    Quote Originally Posted by MotorAve View Post
    Careful, while the threats are amusingly clueless, I could probably have this whole board shut down with one phone call.

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    Cheers guys.

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