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Thread: Who have you already seen?

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Quote Originally Posted by Boourns View Post
    You better be talking about the voice in the songs where the guy sings, and not Kazu
    Well, I thought it was a dude singing, so I imagine it is not Kazu.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Interpol: Left after 3 songs in 2003 when we weren't hearing Untitled or NYC. Fischerspooner was about to play.

    Arctic Monkeys: Technically good. Enthusiastic crowd. Just not quite my cup of tea.

    Felix da Housecat: Not bad in 2003. Mixing a lot of stuff in his dj set. I can take it or leave it.

    We Are Scientists - We Aren't Musicians. Yawn.

    Silversun Pickups - Saw them open at the Derby in Los Feliz for Tenacious D in 2002. It was fuzzy guitars. I liked em.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Lollapalooza, like 16 years ago? They were good then, now what's the point?

    LCD Soundsystem - MUST SEE. Insane crowd energy at the Avalon show in 2005. Cant miss.

    The Cribs - Drunken indie rock. Singer cuts his mouth on a beer bottle every show, seems like. Not bad, but I've seen em twice, and I'm over it.

    Air - Walked by them in 2004, but I wasn't high, so it didn't catch our attention. Saw them again at the Hollywood Bowl, and thoguht they were great, fantastic light show. Horrible rude crowd at the Bowl though. (talking louder than the music)

    Paul Van Dyk - I used to be a vendor at raves. If I never hear PVD again that will be just fine with me.

    Richie Hawtin - Quite good techno. I am a little bored by some of his tracks though. I can take it or leave it.

    Infected Mushroom - Saw them at the Avalon Xmas 2004. The sound just wasn't good. All I could really hear was an unrelenting bass, didn't hear much else. I love psytrance though, would give this a shot.

    Spank Rock - MUST SEE! They played Safari Sams in Hollywood, the crowd was ape for them. GREAT energy. Acid Hip Hop!!!

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    Interpol - x9 (man, I didn't even realize it was that much)
    Sonic Youth - x1
    !!! - x3
    Blonde Redhead - x3
    Travis - x4
    Explosions in the sky - x1
    Jose Gonzalez - x1
    Ratatat - x2

    I feel like I've seen all the others though, because they always play around me and I miss it over and over. This makes me realize that I am seeing new performers!

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    i need to get out more often or move to a larger city. The only bands i have already seen are Placebo, Interpool, Nickel Creek and Andrew Bird.

    Andrew Bird is a must see. His cds do not capture the brilliance of his live performance. Just give him 5 min of your undivided attention and i promise you will want to stay for the rest of his set.

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    Interpol - They are pretty solid live. If you don't like them already, you probably won't change your mind.
    Arctic Monkeys - Awful.
    Peaches - Silly.
    RHCP - Fun. I guess.
    Decemberists - Good, fun live show. The new material wasn't too great when i saw it live though.
    Arcade Fire - Stellar live act.
    Rufus Wainwright - Good performer
    El-P - Awesome live hip hop act.
    New Pornographers - Great show.
    Blonde Redhead - fun, sexy performance
    Hot Chip - Mediocre live band
    Cocorosie - mediocre
    Andrew Bird - Great, energetic live show
    Damien Rice - yawn
    the roots - awesome show
    grizzly bear - great, mellow act
    against me - some of the funnest shows I've ever been to
    ratatat - mediocre live show

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    Interpol x2-very good live, not necessarily my favorite live act, but one of my favorite bands so i'm happy for this.
    DJ Shadow x1-in between bands at a festival show a long time ago. pretty good.
    Peaches x1- so much fun.
    Arcade Fire x2-incredible. one of the best live acts i've ever seen.
    The Decemberists x1- really good. a very enjoyable show.
    Kings of Leon x1- in between Regina Spektor and the Strokes. Boring. Even less impressive going after someone like Regina.
    The Rapture x1- another fun one. can't wait to get my dance on.
    Blonde Redhead x1- pretty good.
    Regina Spektor x1- amazing. insane amount of stage presence. a must see.
    Air x1- i know this has already been mentioned, but air during sunset at coachella 04=heavenly.
    Kaiser Chiefs x1- surprisingly good. lots of energy.
    Explosions in the Sky x1-beautiful music.

    i'm very much looking foward to this year.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Interpol- Shitty venue, shitty crowd, but they played tight and I'll be looking forward to seeing them in a better situation.

    Arcade Fire- Their 05 set is still my favorite performance ever, Coachella or otherwise. The only performance I would ever describe as "epic", that I've ever seen.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    - Bjork (x1)
    - Interpol (x3)
    - Arctic Monkeys (x1)
    - Sonic Youth (x3)
    - We Are Scientists (x2)
    - El-P (x1)
    - RHCP (x2)
    - Arcade Fire (x1)
    - Kings of Leon (x1)
    - The Rapture (x2)
    - The Black Keys (x2)
    - Rage Against the Machine (x3)
    - Air (x1)
    - Paul Van Dyk (x1)
    - Against Me (x2)
    - CSS (x1)
    - Sparklehorse (in a couple weeks)

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Sonic Youth: I've seen them three times. First time was at Coachella 2003, playing mid-afternoon on the main stage. I was quite close to the stage on the right. It was a good show, but nothing special. Second show was an acoustic performance at the Bridge School Benefit at 2005, which was a little boring to be honest. I then saw them in August 2006 as the middle band with The Flaming Lips and The Magic Numbers at the Minnesota State Fair. The show was almost cancelled due to heavy rains, but they came and did a strong set. I probably won't seek them out at Coachella per strong competition.

    Rufus Wainwright: Saw him once, performing solo while opening for Tori Amos on Strange Little Girls Tour. Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. Like others have set, he has a very strong voice and was entertaining. However, he may become a little boring after several songs, if he's performing solo. I wouldn't mind seeing him, but I can easily ignore him depending on set times.

    We Are Scientists: The boys went to my college, so I've seen them perform at the school cafe quite a few times. I'm sure their attitudes and stage show have changed since they've hit areas where there's actually space to move on stage. I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

    Brother Ali: I've seen him twice, once at Coachella 2006 and once at First Avenue in Minneapolis (he's a local). Both times were eh. I'll ignore him this year.

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers: I've seen them four times. First time was the Californication tour with Foo Fighters and Muse in 2000. Minneapolis show. They were horrible and were blown away by the openers. Second time was Coachella 2003 headlining, and they were actually quite good. I was right up near the front for White Stripes and Stooges, and just happened to stick around. Pleasantly surprised. Third time was the By the Way Tour at the Forum near Los Angeles, with the Flaming Lips and Mike Watt opening. It was a pretty good show, though not as good as Coachella. Fourth time was an acoustic performance at the Bridge School Benefit near San Francisco in 2005. They performed well there, also. Also present were Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Ben Harper, Sonic Youth, Ed Vedder, Los Lonely Boys and Tegan & Sara. I'd like to see them again at Coachella 2007, but I can walk away if I need to.

    The Arcade Fire: Saw them at Coachella 2005. Very good performance. I had to leave halfway through, as my concert partner went solely for the Dresden Dolls (who also put on an amazing performance). I'm going to try to see them again this year.

    Travis: Seen them three times, two headlining shows at the Quest in Minneapolis and once at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. All three times great, very heartfelt singing and cute commentary. I haven't seen them in 5 years, so I'm going to try and see them again.

    Air: Saw them at Coachella, very good performance. I did get a little bored after a while, and I confess I was mostly waiting for the next act. I won't make an effort to see them.

    Placebo: Saw them twice in Minneapolis, once co-headlining with Stabbing Westward at the Quest and a headlining show at First Avenue. Both were excellent shows and I will try to see them again.

    The Roots: Saw them on Moby's Area: One tour in 2001. They were all right, but I was more focused on other bands at the time. I'll try to see them this year, but I won't sweat it if I miss them.

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    Friday Artists:

    Bjork - Saw her back in 2003, the last time she was in the US, and the show turned me from a casual Bjork fan into a Bjork-obsessive. She's incredible live.

    Interpol (x4) - These guys just ooze cool if you like them, but they can seem like assholes if you're not a fan. Technically, they're an amazing live band, but they don't bring a ton of energy. Still, the songs sound fantastic.

    Sonic Youth (x2) - I saw them once back in '95 and again in '04. I just have a hard time getting into these guys. I've never been a huge fan, and their live shows are just an extension of their albums, plus you get feedback solos!

    Brazilian Girls - Saw them this past fall at the Virgin Festival. I wasn't all that familiar with their music, but they brought some great energy, and I definitely could get into them. Their lead singer is rather attractive and completely insane.

    Nickel Creek - Kinda saw them by accident a few years ago when they played at my college. They're not as bad as I thought they'd be, but pale in comparison to most of the bands at this festival.

    Tokyo Police Club - Man, I had no idea how YOUNG these guys are. They brought some serious energy to the stage, but there was one glaring problem. The keyboardist shrieked and screamed the backup vocals, turning some of the songs into screamo-sounding stuff, it was very unfortunate. I did see a video of one of their live performances several months later and this was no longer the case, however.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Saturday Artists:
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - They were okay, I really liked them when I saw them, but it was several years ago and I've kinda outgrown them since.

    Arcade Fire - Saw them in 2005 at Coachella, everyone knows how that went.

    The Decemberists (x2) - Great, fun live band. Colin is always so excited, can't see how he reacts to such a giant crowd.

    Kings of Leon - Saw them open for the Strokes several years ago, honestly, I don't remember much.

    The Rapture - Tons of energy, and fantastic to dance to. Definitely a band worth checking out.

    LCD Soundsystem - Awesome! James Murphy brings it live, must see!

    Blonde Redhead - I didn't know them that well when I saw them, but they inspired me to buy some of their stuff, which is always a good sign.

    New Pornographers (x4) - They're a completely different band when Neko Case is playing with them (seen them twice with her, twice without). With her, I'd give them an 8.5/10, without her, it's more of a 5.5/10. The energy just dies without her, don't know why.

    !!! (x2) - Awesome energy. The music can lack substance sometimes, but they make up for it in dancing ability.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    I've seen Bjork, Interpol, Sonic Youth, Peeping Tom(very briefly), RHCP, The Arcade Fire (David Bowie showed up...wooooo!), The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, New Pornos, RATM(Woodstock 99), AIR(last few songs in 04...i'm dumb for missing them), Willie Nelson (@ Bridge School 03), The Roots, Explosions In The Sky and Grizzly Bear

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    Rage Against the Machine - Saw them in '96 and '99, both incredible shows. I'm just a little worried that I won't be nearly as into them as I used to be. Are they as relevant now? Am I as angry? I think the answers to both of those may be "no."

    Air (x2) - Saw them at Coachella '04 and once on their own, both fantastic shows, but the huge, open Coachella night served them so much better than a club. Can't wait to see them again.

    The Roots (x3) - I've seen them both on their own and at festivals. I honestly prefer them when they headline their own shows cause they can just do whatever they want and jam and play obscure covers. In festivals, they just stick to the hits. Shouldn't be bad, but I wouldn't expect a phenomenal performance.

    Tapes n' Tapes - These guys were surprisingly good live, though it might've been because I saw them on Halloween and they had on ridiculous costumes. Still, the music was excellent, worth checking out if you've got the time.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Arcade Fire
    Rage Against The Machine
    Ghostface Killah [w/ Wu-Tang]
    DJ Shadow
    The Roots
    Infected Mushroom
    Richie Hawtin [seen him sooo many times, guy is legendary!!]

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    DJ Shadow - (3x) Revolutionary producer/turntabalist. His sets are jaw-dropping when he focuses on his older stuff (solo, Quannum & UNKLE). Half of his new album is classic, but some is just disappointing. He usually mixes in great visuals, so I wouldn't miss this.

    Peaches - (1x) Sat through set at a festival in NYC. Terrible. I don't get it.

    Stephen Marley (feat. Jr. Gong) - (1x, 2x) Stephen is my second favorite Marley Bro. behind Damien. His voice is incredible and I dig the music. I've seen Damien twice. They should put on a great show together. Highly recommended.

    Gogol Bordello - (1x) Saw them at a neo-hippie festival up in VT. I liked them, but my friends LOVED them (my girlfriend thinks the lead singer looks like a pirate). They put on a rowdy gypsy punk show and will get the crowd rockin'. Personally, they were a little overshadowed by Crown City Rockers, but that's probably just my personal taste.

    Circa Survive - (1x) Pretty good band, not terribly far off from Coheed & Cambria. Sort of post-hardcore progressive rock. Great artist to add diversity.

    Brother Ali - (1x) Missed him last year, but got to catch him opening for Atmosphere. If you like indie hip hop (i.e., Murs, Atmosphere, Company Flow, etc.), then you'll dig his set.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - (2x)

    Ozomatli - (1x) I love Ozo on CD, but seeing them live adds a whole other quality to the music. A great hybrid of hip hop, salsa, and funk. A band not to be missed.

    Pharoahe Monch - (2x) YES!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! PM put out my favorite CD of 2000 and then disappeared (he recorded an album for a label that was never released). Great hip hop in the veign of Black Star and De La Soul, but with more energy. Thank you!

    Paul Van Dyk - (3x) As far as dance DJs go, you can't get that much better than PVD.

    The Roots - (?x) I've seen them a ridiculous number of times, headlining their own shows and at festivals (I live in Philly). They are a premier live hip hop band. They're more jazz than most think, but they've been progressing towards more of a rock sound live. If you have not seen them yet, you're missing out.
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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    JAMC (x1)
    Sonic Youth (10+) Great if you catch them on a good night
    Faithles (x1)
    Arcade Fire (x1)
    Blonde Redhead (x1)
    The New Pornographers (x1)
    The Black Keys (x3)
    !!! (x2)
    Peter Bjorn and John (x1)
    Fields (x2) - Don't even think about missing them
    Rage Against The Machine (x2)
    Air (x2)
    Soulwax (x5)

    Interpol (x2)
    Peaches (x1)
    Gogol Bordello (x1)
    The Decemberists (x2)
    The Rapture (x2)
    LCD Soundsystem (x1)
    Fountains Of Wayne (x2)
    Damien Rice (x2)

    The Cribs

    What was i thinking
    Travis (x1) - My then girlfriend liked them - understandably, it didn't work out.
    Kings Of Leon

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Bjork - Coachella 02
    Sonic Youth (x3)
    Arcade Fire - Coachella 05 & later at the Warfield. So glorious.
    Blonde Redhead - Coachella 01?
    New Pornographers - Opened for B&S last year. Good times.
    Fountains of Wayne - Fillmore in 03 I think. Good times.
    Rage - Lollapalooza 93 or 94 when they opened followed by Tool. Can't believe it was that long ago. Incredible energy.
    Air - Coachella 04. Right up there with B&S as perfect Sunset band.
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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Interpol x2 - first time Secret Machines opened..they were awesome. second show was at curiosa..they were sub-par at best.
    Sonic Youth x1 - bonnaroo - awesome!
    Brazilian Girls x1 - v fest last year - very cool, if you like their records
    Rufus Wainwright x1 - decent live, but im not a huge fan
    Chili Peppers x1 - they're ok..good live show, but im over them
    Kings of Leon x1 - opened for the Strokes..they were awesome
    Rapture x1 - at curiosa..they were pretty sweet, but i would prefer seein them in a smaller venue
    The Roots x1 - they're awesome live, but the soundsystem at that show was sh* it was a bad show overall
    Explosions in the Sky - haven't seen them yet..i have tickets for march

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    We are Scientists - Very good. Nice covers of Phil Collins and Boys II Men

    Air - Saw them on Sunset slot at T-in the Park. Amazing

    Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Seen them about 7 times now. Mexican duo, accoustic guitars playing classical/metal/Flamengo mix. Miss them and you'll regret it. Absolutely Stunning!

    The Feeling - Utter Garbage. Saw them support and hated every moment

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    i saw the roots open for rage against the machine about 10 years ago. good show, but i was only about 16 and remember being a bit scared by all the moshing, flag-burning, etc. love rage though. the roots aren't really my style.

    other than that, the only acts from this year i've seen are arcade fire (phenomenal) and willie nelson (a really fun show)!

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Peeping Tom - Opened for Gnarls Barkley in Philly. They were OK; crowd wasn't into it and I'm not sure if they were Mike Patton fans who couldn't wrap their heads around the hip-hop vibe or Gnarls fans who were like "Peeping who?" I think the West Coast likes Mike Patton more so I expect a better show at Coachella. Rahzel toured with the band so I wonder if he'll play here too, and possibly rejoin the Roots onstage during their set.

    Peaches - Dumb fun. Her most recent tour was her first with a full band. Go in with no expectations and you'll have a good time.

    Silversun Pickups - I know everyone rips on them as Smashing Pumpkins v2.0 but I'm no big SP fan and I can honestly say: HOLY CRAP these guys are good. One of the best albums of '06, and a straightforward rock show. Not a lot of movement onstage (I saw them at a tiny venue) but the music makes up for it.

    The Rapture - Truth in advertising. These guys are nuts live. Could blow out either the Sahara or one of the rock tents.

    LCD Soundsystem - Good, earnest. Can't wait to hear how the new album translates live.

    Hot Chip - Headlined above the Rapture on a recent tour and TORE MY FACE OFF. The Warning is a relatively low-key album IMO but they turn things up 20 notches live. If you haven't seen them you will be shocked to shit how upbeat they are. Could be a sleeper contender for festival set of the year...

    Rage Against the Machine - Funny story here: Saw them during the third Lollapalooza tour in '93. In Philly. The day they decided to play one chord of feedback and stand onstage naked for 20 minutes with "PMRC" painted on their torsos. I really hope they're better this time.
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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Not too many...

    Sonic Youth-A
    Brazilian Girls-C+
    Kings of Leon-B-
    Paul Van Dyk-C+
    Jose Gonzalez-A-
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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Arcade Fire (Coach.05) - most energetic live show i've ever seen
    Travis (Cincinnati 01) - decent, but all their songs sound pretty much the same
    !!! (Coach.04) - good daytime show - fun to listen to
    Air (Coach.04) - best sunset show i've seen at coachella
    the Roots (numerous) - just saw them at Vegoose and they still put all of it into their shows, but Questlove is f'ing sweet.
    Jose Gonzalez (Tucson 06) - one of the best intimate (like 50 people) shows i've seen, don't know how he'll sound on a stage at coachella though...
    Junior Boys (Tucson 06) - they were really good but they only played for about 45 minutes...more disappointing than anything....

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Bjork: Post tour, stunning, mesmerizing, don't know if her act will age well, tho

    Happy Mondays: Pills, Thrills tour. At the height of their powers, could be awesome if Mr. Ryder doesn't first get arrested

    CSS: opened for Ladytron. Rock-out-with-your-cock-out good fun. Lovefoxx will be drunk and rowdy

    Can't wait to see:
    LCD Soundsystem (especially!!!)
    Jarvis Cocker
    Good, Bad, and the Queen
    Hot Chip

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    bjork x1 the shrill could pierce even the toughest armoured vehicle
    interpol x1 nothing special
    faithless x2 some superb tracks, a little mundane live with the use of filler tracks
    we are scientists x3 great tracks and one of the most european of usa bands i have seen. also interact with crowd superbly.
    RHCP x1 some amazing tracks, but live performance was nothing spectacular
    arcade fire x1 never really knew much about them until coachella 2005. stage show entertaining to say the least.
    travis x5 play hit after hit with excellent crowd interaction.........britney's baby hit me one more time! is one of the most interesting cover versions i have heard.
    the rapture x3 their music just seems to fit into a hot festival afternoon
    the fratellis x2 superb tracks
    kaiser chiefs x4 excellent live with great sing-a-long tunes
    placebo x1 nothing special
    lily allenx1 saw her do an acoustic set in london church. amazing voice but she has one stinking attitude
    the feeling x1 some great tunes, but live show is not that great
    the kooks x1 was well back of a huge crowd last year socould see nothing of the stage.
    klaxons x1 inde-rave cross-over. amazing tunes to jump around to waving your glow-sticks!

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Quote Originally Posted by noisemachine View Post
    Sonic Youth (x5): Always fantastic live. And one of my all time favorite bands. PS...if you saw them at Arthurfest, ignore it. the sound people were idiots that night.
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    The arthurfest Sonic Youth set sounded alright to me. I was on the fence getting feed from the amps, so i guess the mixing didn't give me problems
    I was in the middle of the area in front of the sound booth and yeah, the sound was way boomy and ugly. I still loved the set, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by wmgaretjax View Post
    Interpol - They are pretty solid live. If you don't like them already, you probably won't change your mind.
    I don't think I'm hosting a 2016 collaborative playlist.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Interpol - solid, tight, sounds a LOT like their albums.

    Sonic Youth - awesome, especially if they include lots of stuff from Murray St. and before.

    Brazilian Girls - very high energy, danceable, cute singer.

    Nickel Creek - much better than the people on this forum would have you believe... if you have any interest in bluegrass whatsoever, or just want to see some people play their instruments incredibly well, don't miss this.

    RHCP - a little corny, yes, but still a lot of fun especially if you're not a mile away.

    Arcade Fire - amazing, obviously.

    Decembrists - loads of fun, excellent musicianship.

    Kings of Leon - not as bad as some are saying, but there will certainly be something better going on.

    New Pornos - let's just hope to God that Neko shows up. not awful without her, though.

    Black Keys - saw them open for Radiohead last summer. Very sweet

    Andrew Bird - very chill, lots of talent, cool songs. will add some nice variety.

    The Frames - fantastic live band. these guys are huge in Ireland, and play for Coachella-sized crowd more often than you'd think. They know how to put on a show, believe me.

    Roots - jammy and cool. these guys know what they're doing.

    Explosions in the Sky - my favorite band in my favorite genre of music. you can, not, miss, this, show.

    Ratatat - high energy, great sound, but gets a little boring after a while.

    Tapes and Tapes - cool, quirky indie rock.

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    !!! - Two times, very good. I look forward to this.

    Air - These guys are awesome. I really look forward to this.

    Erol Alkan - Yes, awesome.

    The Arcade Fire - Yes, good, but I wouldn't listen to everyone else rave about them, I was pretty disapointed the very first time I saw.

    Arctic Monkeys - Yes good.

    Benny Benassi - Yes. Hit or miss. I'd say of the 5 times I've seen him 2 were good, 1 was OK, and the other two were meh.

    Bjork - Yes, she is one of the reasons I'm going.

    The Black Keys - Yes good.

    Blonde Redhead - Yes. First time I saw them they opened for Interpol and they were a better show than Interpol. I suggest you check these guys out.

    The Decemberists - Yes, OK.

    Digitalism - Yes, OK.

    DJ Heather - Yes, don't remember. I wasn't "all there".

    DJ Shadow - Yes, two times were awesome, other two were OK.

    Explosions In The Sky - I want to warn you that these guys have long songs and are very awesome. If they only play for 45min - 1hr, you will leave with musical blue balls...

    Felix Da Housecat - Yes, 50/50 good/bad.

    Ghostface Killah - Never solo, but f'n awesome regardless.

    Gotan Project - I used to live in France so yes, very good and chill.

    Richie Hawtin - Yes good. Don't use club sets as an example. If you've seen him at a major music event like WMC, Gatecrasher, Creamfields, etc...then you'll agree that he's probably going to be worth seeing.

    Infected Mushroom - One of the main reasons I'm going. Of course.

    Interpol - Yes, all but one time was good.

    The Kooks - Yes, OK.

    The Jesus & Mary Chain - I haven't seen these guys, but since I've read about them 11,000 times by now on the boards, I'm going to check them out to see what the deal is.

    Kaiser Chiefs - Yes good.

    Kings Of Leon - Yes, ACL, good.

    Klaxons - Yes, good.

    LCD Soundsystem - Yes, I'm very excited about this show.

    Stephen Marley feat Jr. Gong - Yes, zzZzZZZZ.

    MSTRKRFT - If you've ever heard MSTRKRFT, you won't miss this show.

    Willie Nelson - I live in Austin, TX...anyone want to play a "who's seen Willy more game?"

    New Pornographers - Yes, listen to their albums, aren't that great live.

    Of Montreal - Yes, awesome.

    Placebo - Yes, when they aren't complaining about G. Bush.

    Rage Against The Machine - Yes, and I was in 7th grade. I can't wait.

    The Rapture - Yes.

    Ratatat - Yes but I don't remember so I guess not that great?

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Yes, horrible. Anything post BSSM should be burned.

    Damien Rice - Yes, but am concerned he'll put the crowd to sleep. Great voice though.

    The Roots - Worrrrrrrddddddd.

    Sonic Youth - Yes, been a long time. Man that one guy can play the guitar.

    Sparklehorse - Yes.

    Tiesto - Yes. *see Richie Hawtin

    Travis - Yes but please help me here. My favorite band is Radiohead and people always compare these guys to Radiohead. Please explain the similarity?

    Paul Van Dyk - Yes. *see Tiesto

    VNV Nation - If there are going to be any emos/goths at the show, this will be the place. This band is pretty cool.

    Rufus Wainwright - Yes. *see Daimean Rice

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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    -Rage Against the Machine (99' Battle of Los Angeles) Right before they broke up.
    -We are Scientists (They were weird and crazy, but a good show)
    -CSS (Saw them when they came to UCLA, they are VERY fun)

    I love this year because there is a ton of stuff I like that I have not seen!!!
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    Default Re: Who have you already seen?

    Quote Originally Posted by EuroTrash View Post
    anyone want to play a "who's seen Willy more game?"
    Sounds kinky :P

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