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Thread: Camping Deal Not to be missed

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    Default Camping Deal Not to be missed

    I know there is a camping deals thread because I created it, but I figure most of you might miss this deal if I put it in there. Too good to pass up.

    E-Z Up 12X12. If you are seasoned camper, you know a 12X12 may not big that big of a deal. And if you are an EZ-Up user, you know that the 10X10 is really a 10X10 until you stretch that puppy out with some stakes. Saying that...

    EZ-Up 12X12 $60+ Free in store pickup. Use promo code SEARS2012 for the additional $5 off. Making it 59.99

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    Nevermind. This shit is only available thru shipping if you're in CA.
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