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    Default [LA] SAT 8/27 Rizo Presents: Summer Of Bass W/ RUN DMT +more

    ***Due to extreme weather conditions caused by Huricane Irene we regret to inform that RUN DMT will not be playing tonight's show. Not to worry THE RIZO keeps their promises and is going to bring RUN DMT in the Fall in a collaboration event with I LOVE LA events!!!! And for tonight's show we have secured a SPECIAL GUEST DJ who has worked with Datsik, Diesel Boy, MRK1 to name a few and has releases on BUYGORE, PLAY ME RECORDS, & SUBHUMAN. GET READY FOR SOME REAL BASS TO YOUR FACE LA!****

    For the last two years The RIZO crew has brought you SUMMER OF BASS Music & Arts festival to celebrate the 1967 Summer of Love. The free spirits of that famous Summer of Love believed in peace, love, music and art. The RIZO wanted to capture the spirit of that legendary summer in one BASS filled evening featuring D&B and Dubstep. This year we bring you the 3rd Annual SUMMER OF BASS in a completely transformed venue featuring two rooms of music, outdoor patio and terrace, state of the art lighting, themed art installations, vendor booths, The Push Art Gallery and live painting.

    Hippie Attire is highly recommended
    18+ w/ valid ID
    $10 Before 10 pm/ $15 after 10pm

    Dub Love (Area 1)






    Tie Dye Jungle (Area 2)





    Captain Panic is composed of Andrew McKay and Michael Myers who are two very talented DJ Producers from California. Prior to producing Dubstep, Andrew and Michael were deeply involved music, both were members of two different bands. Their passion for creating new sounds led them to collaborating in the electronic phenomenon knows as Captain Panic. Heavy bass lines, grimey snyths and filthy drops set their music apart. They have had many successful releases on Urban Assault's famous label,Heavy Artillery, which have all hit the Beatport top 100 chart. The two are currently working on several collaborations with Oblivion, Gambit, and more!​npanic​captainpanic​npanic

    Coma, Los Angeles Producer and RIZO resident DJ, is a rare specimen who has rhythm tattooed to the invisible surface of his conscience. His current endeavors into the realm of Dubstep have yielded a dynamic array of sounds. Melodic hooks, sweeping breakdowns and wobbling bass lines have become ubiquitous characteristics of his style. However, Coma carefully balances his driving, dance floor busting grooves with subtle audio edits and precision-crafted effects that provide an unsettling moodiness to his tracks.

    Coma’s remixes of artists such as T-Pain, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Baby Namboo’s have put him on the map as a crafty up and coming producer. His music has also seen support from dance music luminaries such as Udachi, Trillbass, Mochipet, Noah D, Puppy Kicker and Bassism Records. Coma has released tunes on Savory Audio, Open Circuit Recordings and recently recorded a DJ mix for R.FM. Look out for Coma's remix of Wes Green's 'Fly Away' on TRiLLBASS Records, 'The Call' and 'My Addiction' along with remixes on Beyond Zilla Records and 'Summer's Fall' b/w 'Black Wood' on Dub Selection.​obComa​comasound​ep

    ASHTROBOT is a producer and RIZO resident DJ, born and raised in Redondo Beach CA. Ash Riser found his true calling of writing and performing at a young age. With the local success of his last group PISTOL PISTOL they released two records between 07, and 09. The entity known as ASHTROBOT (sounded out just ash-tro-bot) has a fine-tuned skill for maximizing delayed gratification within the scope of his productions. He isn't scared to go all-out-grimey but his own kingdom is Purple and there he lounges on a throne of bass, rhythm and melodies. This 21-year-old next level space creature didn't come to his present status instantaneously - it's been a road of musical diversity. Ash founded D.R.E.A.M. (Dubstep Rules Everything Around Me) Brigade in December 2009, which evolved into an underground independent label. Their EP “21st Century Electric Church Music” dropped on iTunes in July which such contenders as Polymer Drone, Chris Loren, The SUBshockers, Homage, and ASHTROBOT himself. The massive response to the EP has propelled Ash and the Brigade into a new level of notoriety. Keep an eye out for his upcoming releases on D.R.E.A.M. as well as work with Interscope Records.​robot​winstonriser​m/

    TRVST (pronounced "Travesty") is a Los Angeles based DJ/Producer and resident with the LA based RIZO Crew. He had his debut performance with RIZO at THE SUMMER OF BASS MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL in 2010, along side the likes of REID SPEED, 6BLOCC and APX-1. From there he has gone on to display his talents at the I Love LA Halloween bash and with the infamous BWOMP crew. His mixes combine dubstep and glitch hop heaters with an appreciation for all things bass-related. He has exhibited his ability to expand to multiple genres providing dance floors with a continuous stream of eclectic grooves. 2011 has already started off smoking with out of town performances and showcases at LA’s premier Bass events.​​usic​t​EAMbrigade

    Getting into Drum & Bass at the age of 13, and DJing since he was 19, Apok-C is surely taking the scene by storm. Having played many events, spanning from raves and clubs all over So-Cal, playing at the highly notable club RESPECT in Los Angeles, and even having played in Hawaii, Apok-C does not plan on stopping there!

    Mixing both Drum & Bass along with Dubstep has allowed him to personally work such lyricists like MC Dino (Bassrush) & MC Questionmark (World of Drum & Bass) and also Prodigal Sunn (Wu-Tang Clan). Throughout the years he has also played alongside such talent as Gridlok / Bad Company UK / NC-17 / MRK1 / Urban Assault / Vaski / R.A.W - 6Blocc / Whisker Twister / DZ / Mark Instinct / Bare / SMOG / and so many more!

    Being one of the younger artists in the music scene definitely gives him an advantage to help him learn from others and go where nobody else has. Definitely keep an eye and ear out for this DJ because you will definitely be seeing more of him around!​okC​​-c

    Senneca is household name in LA Bass scene. His quick style and heavy bass selection has set him apart for years. He has been a long time resident with Gone Jahmen Crew and has recently joined up with THE RIZO. Senneca has been on almost every LA BASS scene roster including I LOVE LA, RESPECT, CHURCH and many more!!! Senneca’s Drum & Bass track selection blows away the crowd and his mixing style always attracts a large crowd to the dance floor.​aSounds​​nel/digital-roots-radio

    Chico got involved in rapping at the age of 16 and quickly developed a reputation for flawless free-styling and consistent game. Always a notorious hype man, he ran in the Project Blowed era with the Universal Kings (King Armaegeddon) and free-styled alongside MCs like Myka 9 and Busdriver. Their crew wasn't unknown for paying off the DJ to pop on a CD of their beats and rush the mic at any club or venue. Chico is a dual resident on The RIZO & D.R.E.A.M. RECORDS.​ges/MC-Chico-Slim​​EAMbrigade

    MACHETE ignited his musical journey back in 1992 as DJ Rob G,
    spinning Hip-Hop at Hollywood afterhours events such as No-Doz, What?, and Caffiend. The Los Angeles underground rave culture was in it's infancy and Rob was inspired by the techno-breakbeat music emerging out of England via vinyl records played by DJs Raw, Curious, and Oscar da Grouch. These frantic bass-heavy beats that evolved from breaks layered with HipHop and Reggae samples were intriguing and propelled him in a new direction. Rob, encouraged by his peers, changed his professional name to Machete in 1994 a title meant to evoke the nature of his mixing and cutting skills in relation to this new Jungle music.

    In March of 1999 the Junglist Platoon began hosting a weekly event called RESPECT with Machete in charge of talent bookings, promotions, as well as being a resident DJ. In March of 2000, Machete organized a RESPECT one-off at the Winter Music Conference in Miami which successfully placed the RESPECT brand at the forefront of Los Angeles Drum and Bass. After 11+ years, RESPECT is the longest running Jungle/Drum and Bass weekly in Los Angeles in addition to being one of the most successful clubs in the United States. RESPECT is globally known for bringing the best international and stateside talent and continues to do so after settling into it's fifth and most current venue, The Dragonfly in Hollywood.

    DJ Machete's longevity speaks for his talents, dedication, and determination which has surely solidified his place as a force in the world music scene.​achete​achete​djmachete​e

    Pablo Hassan
    Pablo Hassan brings the party. Rinsing out the dubs and destroying dance floors all over Southern California, this hometown hero is a dear friend to the local electronic music community. Half of duo The Professionals along with Sam XL, Pablo is a resident of both Pure Filth and SMOG and as such resides on the slicing edge of the LA dubstep scene. Find the darkest, dirtiest underground warehouse with the deepest bass booming out of the rafters and shaking the very sky, and there you will find Pablo Hassan, shooting fire from his fingers and raining down delicious dubstep on his delirious victims who wait with open minds- the parts that haven’t already melted out of their ears, anyway.​lohassan​ablohassan

    Dip Vertigo
    Dip Vertigo (Jeremy Matthew Eichberg) a.k.a. Dip, discovered a new talent in 2003. Having studied many instruments throughout his life, such as drums, piano, clarinet, sax and voice, Dip turned his musical interest to the turntables. With his eclectic mind he began spinning many different genres of electronic music, his main focus being drum n bass. Known for his quick symmetrical style of mixing, on three decks, and high energy track selection, the world has also become used to him picking up the mic. For the past seven years he has been spinning, mcin’, singing, promoting, and producing drum n bass. He has put out several solo mixes including “On the Rise,” “Beneath the Shadows,” “King Me” and his recent masterpiece “Checkmate,” receiving worldwide recognition. He has also put out several cd’s with his group Maximum Moves, comprised of himself and one of L.A.’s top lyricists, MC J-Tec.

    This group, a composition put together by the world renowned MCMC, released three mixes including their latest cd “Your Move,” a forty-track, 4 deck drum n bass mix, featuring Dip’s Maximum drops, triple drops, double drops and their classic hook and flows, all inspired by Andy C and Skibadee. This dynamic duo has also played numerous events all over Southern California, including: Monster Massive, History III, Respect, Scream!, Timeless, SD Union and the list goes on. Since the inception of Maximum Moves, the world has become very accustomed to the name Dip Vertigo. Having made several appearances all over southern California, WMC, and a couple of trips to the east coast last year, Dip continues his rise to join the elite. For the past three years he has ran TIMELESS, L.A.’s premiere drum n bass monthly with good friend Solomon Baldeo aka Neuropunk and recently the two have introduced their latest project, LA BEATDOWN, a dnb/dubstep super club held at the legendary Music Box in Hollywood. Dip is also going on seven years with his internet radio show “Electrical Impulse,” on, reaching more then four hundred listeners weekly and he also makes occasional appearances on “BDC Radio,” on Saturdays hosted by his timeless Bass Dynasty Crew.

    It’s now 2011and Dip has turned his focus to production. His first official release “I’m Just Fine,” is coming out on Subsonik Sound Recording with world-renowned dnb artist Terravita, and Subsonik Sound is interested in more of his work. Dip currently works with production partner AdamAntium, Terravita, Divine Elements and many other producers, producing dnb, dubstep drumstep and electro house.​moves​mum_moves​pvertigo

    Under his many guises (Neuropunk/ K.O.S. /Go-Incognito), Solomon Baldeo aka Neuropunk exudes the true renaissance man, tackling as many facets of the nightlife scene and art as humanly possible. DJ/Producer/Promoter/Desig​ner/Illustrator/Writer…the​ list goes on for the many activities for his daily grind and he holds a deep passion for each one.

    Although the harder, darker side of Drum & Bass is the... big gun in his arsenal. Neuropunk has a passion for all sounds Drum & Bass, from liquid to jump-up to ragga. His musical taste is a product of his upbringing. From a very young age, Neuropunk had been exposed to Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae/Dancehall and DJ culture from his elder brother, DJ Phers One (DP Sound).

    Behind the scenes, Neuropunk linked up with Grapevinez in early 2005 and since then, has been deeply involved in some of the largest and most memorable Drum & Bass parties in Los Angeles, most notably, Champion Soundz and History (America’s Largest Drum & Bass event). Currently, Neuropunk runs his own company and website at where he hosts multiple podcasts, writes various articles, and creates various designs. He also runs LA’s no.1 Drum & Bass monthly, Timeless, along with fellow crewmate Dip Vertigo. His biggest project to date is his vision behind LA Beatdown, a future dub movement bringing the sounds and culture of the big-bass underground to new heights with it's home base located at the legendary Music Box Theater in Hollywood.​/​ropunkdj​ropunkdj​neuropunkdj​uropunkdj

    Demon0ne is bringing a perspective to the Los Angeles underground that few have seen. He pursues sound encompassing a variant of infectious rhythms that present the darker forms of Dubstep.. Demon0ne has shared the same stage with such acts as Excision, Liquid Stranger, Datsik, Chrispy, Cyberoptix, Sluggo, Aphrodite, Evol intent among many other heavy hitters. Most currently his Los Angeles monthly "BASS goes BOOM" is going on its 12th consecutive month in a row and is one of the top Bass music related monthlies in Los Angeles. Also a resident DJ on, Demon0ne has rapidly elevated to a level that has him appearing throughout the LA event circuit and other cities nationwide with his signature sound. Let it Ring! Prepare for DEMON0NE!

    Chris Loren/ Gunner Bass
    In June 2011, The RIZO and D.R.E.A.M. Records got together to host a Remix Contest of Ashtrobot’s forthcoming release “WTF IS GOING ON!!!???”. The winner of the contest not only earned a spot on the line up for SUMMER OF BASS, but also gets their remix officially released on D.R.E.A.M. An overwhelming amount of amazing remixes were submitted but two stood out above the rest. The team could not choose between these two tracks, as each one held its own unique and exquisite sound. They had no other choice but to gladly announce two winners. Both Chris Loren and Gunner Bass will have their remixes released on D.R.E.A.M. and will be show casing their DJ skills behind the decks at SUMMER OF BASS. Look out for these two talented producers as their journey has just begun!
    Chris Loren:​sloren​ges/Chris-Loren
    Gunner Bass:


    Live Painting by Pushgallery Artists:

    Katie Monahan:
    Katie is our newest and freshest face at Pushgallery and we are so excited to share her art with everyone at Summer of Bass. "
    A Look @ Katie Monahan " -

    Nils Jaws:
    An artist, designer, and illustrator. Originally from London but now
    residing in Los Angeles, Jawa creates fluid, sketchy, abstract art on canvas, paper,
    wood, and walls.

    Mark Flores:
    Born a Los Angeles native with an ear and eye to the street, Mark Flores has been able to use that insight into his street art and visual graphics, beginning his career as a Los Angeles graffiti artist at the age of 14 in the late 80’s. By the age of 16 Mark began his professional career as an apparel designer in the new upcoming “Streetwear” market.
    Mark Flores has always been pushing his art to be at the cutting edge of his trade and has created many looks for different styles of clothing, as well as many other mediums in the graphic industry sustaining tight communication with his market audience.
    For over the past 20 years Mark Flores has been consistently painting all mediums that a graffiti artist has as a visual canvas maintaining true to his passion for graffiti art.
    Some of Mark’s early influences date back to the good ol’ BMX days in the 80’s along with New Wave music, Old School Hip Hop and Retro Funk.
    Mark Flores current interests are doing limited edition screen print posters on his personal time, developing new cutting edge ideas and designing new clothing line collections.​llerycafe

    Art Raffle:

    Justin Snyder will be presenting a brand new piece that will be raffled off during the event. Please see the Pushgallery Booth for more info on how to win his artwork.

    Justin Snyder:
    Justin is an active figure in the Los Angeles Art Community and has become an activist and outreach worker around issues on homelessness and starvation. His latest works consisting of paintings on wood and canvas have been described as dimensional layouts of echoing harmonics, distorted body forms, and organic abstraction.​snyderart

    Gallery Wall by Artists:

    Naomi Duben
    Christopher Hovstoskie
    Will Butler
    and a special guest artist...


    Drumz Brand is a grassroots clothing company based out of Los Angeles, with deep roots in art and music. We are about artists, performers, athletes, and everyday people who share our passion for their lives and their families. With strong ties to Bass Music culture, we work with many established and up and coming artists and crews. Our dedication and love for our culture outreaches to many genres and scenes: art, music, sports, dancing, imports, professional fighting, graffiti art, and anything we as a family represent, pursue, or believe in. So you see, we are more like a lifestyle movement than a clothing line.​rand​AND​mzclothing


    Umbrella Clothing has been changing the shape of modern fashion for years. Now we're going global UK Store - SOON!​a​a​aclothing


    The atmosphere surrounding our earth brings in solar energy and protects the life-nurturing elements that make our planet habitable. Our world is a greenhouse.Taking in heat from the sun, a greenhouse spreads this heat to support life within.
    We substitute the heat with ideas. This is how we grow and forever evolve. Planting seeds to watch them grow strong; we’re all children of the same sun.GreenHouse Affects Clothing Co. fights for the Preservation of Life, Love, Art, Nature and the infinite sense of Kinship and Wholeness that binds us together. Family trees get passed around.


    James Shawhan and his team have been involved in the LA underground music culture for years. His state of the art equipment provides that WOW factor to any occasion from Massive Raves to intimate events.

    US DUBSTEP/THISISFLIK​tep​isisflikmedia

    Justin Butts Film​buttsfilm​ges/The-Justin-Butts-Life​r/JustinButtsFilm

    OH DAG YO Photography​ges/Oh-Da...03;Photography

    Broken Visionz

    100 % legal venue
    2 rooms of music
    2 full bars
    outdoor patio and terrace
    live art and themed art deco
    Hippie Attire is highly recommended
    18+ w/ valid ID
    $10 Before 10 pm/ $15 after 10pm

    For more information please contact:
    Info Line: (760) 673-6278
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    Default Re: [LA] SAT 8/27 Rizo Presents: Summer Of Bass W/ RUN DMT +more

    Address shall be posted this Wednesday!

    For now get to know The Rizo & check out this interview on the crew by: LAGrime
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    Default Re: [LA] SAT 8/27 Rizo Presents: Summer Of Bass W/ RUN DMT +more

    Check out these links to videos and tunes from the amazing line up, pop up shops & artist below:

    RUN DMT:

    RUN DMT 'DOSAGE' (Midnight E.P.) P50






    GUNNERBASS (Remix contest winner) Remix of WTF IS GOING ON BY ASHTROBOT

    Green House Effects Video:

    Katie Monahan - PushGallery Art Collective

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    Default Re: [LA] SAT 8/27 Rizo Presents: Summer Of Bass W/ RUN DMT +more

    If you haven't RIZO'd here are a couple link to get cha pumped up for this Saturday!

    The Rizo - T.A.W. - Rumble In The Jungle [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [HD]

    The Rizo - Digital Love W/ B-Complex (Hospital Records UK)


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    Default Re: [LA] SAT 8/27 Rizo Presents: Summer Of Bass W/ RUN DMT +more

    Probably not going to get much love around here with this. If I wasn't going to 16 bit Sunday I'd probably be down.

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    Default Re: [LA] SAT 8/27 Rizo Presents: Summer Of Bass W/ RUN DMT +more

    Address: 2419 North Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90031

    1-2 RUN DMT
    ...11-12 COMA

    1-2 MACHETE
    10-11 DEMON0NE

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