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Thread: clapton??

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    Default clapton??

    now i know this may be a bit out there but who else this an around sunset Eric Clapton would be absolutely magical..... i have never seen him but im sure he would draw a fairly large crowd

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    60s/70s Clapton would be amazing... but he's so different now, guitar tone and everything that it's just not the same.

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    only if it's all 3 with CREAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzz View Post
    only if it's all 3 with CREAM.
    I would kill to see Cream...

    Blind Faith would also blow my mind.
    December 11: Flavors 8 w/ JROCC and DJ Spinna @ Echoplex
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    Derek and the Dominos or GTFO

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    any clapton > 95% of the other artists at coachella ..... and its not like im dreaming of him in a headliner slot... id rather see him him in a more intimate sundown mainstage slot, kinda like what Duran Duran played this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by darksideofkaos. View Post

    Blind Faith


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    Just go to the Crossroads Festival whenever he does it. I don't think he would really fit in with the vibe of Coachella. He is classic and amazing but he would fit in better at Bonnaroo.

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    I saw him in March and he is still amazing, but his current setlist (heavy on acoustic and blues) isn't something that I really see fitting in at Coachella.

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