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Thread: Clipse 2009

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    Anyone remember how chill this show was? It pretty much defined our generation

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    Ain't no better feeling than vibing to coke raps on a Sunday afternoon
    I'ma ball at the mall shuttin' down the sea wall

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    wasnt Clipse the one who never showed up?

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    Yeah, Clipse cancelled at the last minute. I hope they make up for it some year.

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    Is this thread meant to be ironic?
    Quote Originally Posted by Drinkey McDrinkerstein View Post
    Blowjobs are the best when your pubes are moist with tears
    Quote Originally Posted by amyzzz View Post
    I got really good grades in school, but I suck at life.

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    I saw Clipse with Cool Kids at the Glass house. I asked Malice what happen with that and he said they missed their flight
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    Quote Originally Posted by frazzles View Post
    Is this thread meant to be ironic?
    Yeah. They never showed up. It was chill though, gave me some shade to chill in while I was waiting for Devendra Banhart.

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    I was listening to hell hath no fury the other day, i'd be down for a return.

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