Bam, visit the link above. But for those wondering just what the hell this is, allow me to explain.

This here is the third annual "Wishing Well" that I create/host on my site, where you the fans can go and enter in a band/artist's name that you really wish would play at the upcoming festival next year. I mean it's super simple, you literally type a band's name and hit enter, that's it. You can do it as many times as you want for any band you want.

What happens next is the cool stuff though...after each time you vote/make a wish, my page/app (if you wanna call it an app, though I hate this whole fucking app world craze we are now in) will tally the votes for every band in real time, and display the top 150 bands (based on number of wishes made for them - most to least) in a Coachella poster format. So basically you have a visual representation of what bands would be headlining and how each band would be booked, if it were entirely up to you the fan and your votes. Cool huh?

If you click each band, you will see the stats on them etc too. I also added a small audio player up in the corner, so you can listen to some Coachella related stuff while you're wishing away. I would recommend a newer browser for the site...if you're still using IE 6 or something then I suggest you fucking upgrade dude. Anyways, a lot of work went into this, so I hope it gets used and you all enjoy it and spread the word and link on fb or wherever else (it's already doubled the votes almost from last year, and it's only been live 24 hours). I'm also always open to suggestions and ideas to improve it yeah.