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Thread: First Time Selling Tickets Questions

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    Hey guys, I browsed around and wasn't able to find any posts concerning my question. Unfortunately I can't make it to Indio this summer and would like to sell my tickets. What is the best way to do so for both parties online? I would like to guarantee that I get my money back and the customer safely get their tickets. For anybody that has bought online before what kind of transaction did you use? Thank you

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    Note that wristbands don't ship out until a few weeks prior to the event. I don't recommend anyone buy or sell passes on the secondary market until they're in hand.

    Posting them here on the forum (in the passes section) is the nice way to sell them for face value to other fans.

    Selling for over face value?
    Ebay or Stubhub plus Paypal protects the buyer and seller.
    Craigslist plus Western Union is always a scam.

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    Yes thank you, I've been before but did not know I should wait until they're actually in hand to start selling. I have a camping pass so don't think stubhub allows for that to happen.

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    Have you sold your ticket yet? If not which weekend did you have GA for?

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    I have 1 W2 pass with car camping pass.
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    I also have 2 GA 2nd weekend passes. Wondering this as well. Will post in the passes section at face value. Wondering if there's another place real fans go ? Rather they go to long time go-ers and fans who didn't have the chance to pick them up on time.
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