Friday July 8th Play Me is having a little bass party get together with some close friends.

TOTAL RECALL (Play Me Records) SC

CARRIER formerly known as NTRLD (Play Me Records) SF

EVA (Broke as F**k) LA

JVIZ (Bwomp!) LA


$7 dollars at the door.
Free if you ride your bike.

Central Station
1348 14th St
Santa Monica, CA

Total Recall
Is the moniker for the veteran production partnership between Dustin Blair and Steve Welborn, who have recently garnered attention for their masterful piercing of the Dubstep sphere. With machine gun bass meeting a power drill, Total Recall bores into the earth’s surface before reaching a pocket of hallucinatory calm, which manages to be hollow and ethereal but also satisfying in its ambiguous orchestrations in every one of their original pieces. Drawing inspiration from powerful conspiracies makes Total Recall a relentless passageway through multiple levels of history, humanity and knowledge. It derives extra strength from the fact that the focus is always on allegory, rather than allusion. This means that when Total Recall reference more abstract ideas, the beats stay sincere. Total Recall is the highest quality Interdimensional Dubstep.

With the hugely successful NTRLD project clearly in the rearview, Carrier, the new genre-bending bass fueled brain child of Ryan Meblin, seems poised to pick up right where they left off. This solo-outing promises to continue the highly melodic face melters we are accustomed to but, with a new singular voice and vision from which to guide the new sound.

One of LA's hottest, sassiest, bass goddess selectors who can put any party in a dripping bassfilled frenzy. Get your Jazz hands ready.

Since 1999, Frenetic has been through many different musical phases in his DJ career. His passion began with the Golden Era of hip-hop and the rise of turntablism. During the earlier years, his experience consists of backyard parties and local battles. From there, his turntablism skills were fine tuned and noticed. He also displayed his array of turntable antics recording songs and performing live shows with various hip-hop groups and MC's. Through out the years, he has experimented and grasped various genres from classic rock to different electronic styles. Now with a strong musical background and the found love for the bass heavy scene, Frenetic joined the BWOMP! crew and combined eclectic forces.

Brewed and boiled in the caldron that is Los Angeles, JVIZ formed an early following from his explorations into Drum and Bass. 2006 spawned a new love in the form of Dubstep and an alteration to the title once known as Jungle Visionary. Today JVIZ is on the forefront of the stateside movement appearing throughout the Los Angeles’ event circuit and hosting the weekly show Earthquake Weather and monthly Tsunami Weather on the infamous DUBSTEP.FM . Lesser DJ’s would have rested there, but JVIZ continued into new avenues as a founder of LA’s BWOMP! collective. As far as having the foresight to help cultivate the only crew in LA combining all of the best in bass genres- the name may have changed, but he remains a visionary.