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Thread: Weekend 1 tent camping - sold out.

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    2009 was the last time I wilfully hauled all my gear to the campsite (from my parked car). Never again. That said, it's really sad that Tent Only campers are now the red headed step children of Coachella camping....shit some of you were out there by Ave 52! At least spead the wealth and place some of the Tent Only campers closer (say the early birds)....well, i guess those tricycle/rickshaw riders need to make their money from somebody.
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    Default Re: Weekend 1 tent camping - sold out.

    Tent campers will rise again!!!!

    Coachella 2012 part deux

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    I'm gonna just copy and paste what I wrote in another thread about my knowledge on this years tent camping and ticket information in regards to selling your camping spots. Here we go.

    "This is the information I got from FrontGate when I called about trying to return my tent camping pass:

    The deal is you must have the ticket that corresponds to the tent camping (and I'm guessing that means car camping as well??) pass you have. So say I want to sell my tent camping pass (WHICH I DO!!!), I would have to trade tickets with someone, then sell them my tent camping pass that goes along with my ticket, so I could still have a ticket to the festival, but not necessarily the ticket I initially bought, which would now be in the hands of the person I sold my tent camping pass to. Mind you this came straight from the girl I talked to that works for Frontgate, so I demand no take backsies from them on this matter.

    Just thought I would inform the masses, and ya'll can pass on the wisdom given to me. And anyone seriously interested in my tent camping pass for weekend 1 is welcome to contact me!"

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    We are going to be comfortable this year! I got us one of these from Z_zpsbcd81206.jpg

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