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Thread: Belle and Sebastian 2012

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    Default Belle and Sebastian 2012

    They're a greatly underappreciated band, but have such an impeccable discography. I think they would make a great addition to Coachella.

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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012

    This would be amazing! They actually played once or twice before--gave a great performance on the Coachella DVD! I've never seen them, though, which is a bummer.

    They really are the perfect band to play Coachella though; I've always thought that.

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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012

    I was not aware that they played at Coachella before, thanks for enlightening me.

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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012

    They are so charming. I love them. I'd watch them on the polo fields.
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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012

    They should've played this year, since they didn't they should put them up for 2012
    Coachella 2012: Arctic Monkeys, Belle and Sebastian, Bon Iver, The Horrors, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Vaccines!!! PLEASE!!!

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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012


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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012

    Yes Yes! Favorite band. Need to come back to the polo fields. Saw em once last year and it was great. Please, make this happen.
    Top 10 of the weekend:
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    2012 Wishlist: Radiohead, The Antlers, Fuck Buttons, The Avalanches, Basement Jaxx, Belle & Sebastian, Wilco, Feist, Neutral Milk Hotel, Fucked Up, Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Holy Fuck!, Other Lives, Dosh, Pogo, Washed Out, Battles, The Rapture

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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012

    They were a great addition to Coachella, twice.
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    Default Re: Belle and Sebastian 2012

    No thanks. Bland uber-indie rubbish.
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