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    Cool dancing, dancing, DANCING!

    so i can't be the only one who has found it hard to find quality clubs/nights where i can get my groove on. this thread will be a listing of all things DANCE. i will update the first post with a link to specific club/event posts that get posted in here.

    • i want to see clubs/weeklies/monthlies where there is quality music to get down to.
      essentially post anything that happens on a somewhat regular basis; not one-off events.

    • if you are going to post, please post the name of the club, or the weekly with a link to info if you can and indicate whether it is the name of a club or event.
      i know weeklies tend to change venues over time.

    • please indicate the city

    • it would also be helpful to include the type of music or dj's/bands that that regular play.
      even more helpful would be which crew throws the event or which band/dj regularly plays there.
      i know we don't all have the same taste, so that would make it really helpful than just saying "i liked dancing here".

    • any other info, such as cover charges, dress codes, drink-selection, etc. would be helpful.

    personally, i am interested in finding nights with old school hip-hop, GOOD 80s music, indie danceable music and drum and bass.

    ok, GO!




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