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Thread: Parking??

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    Default Parking??

    Never been to Coachella before, and want to clear some things up..

    On the official FAQ it says there's no overnight parking... but what about the like 20, 000 people camping? Do they have to drive their cars somewhere else and then walk back to the campsite?

    I mean, obviously not, but I want to know what we ACTUALLY do.


    actually I guess that's my only question so far. Thanks in advance for any answers!

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    NM, I found the camping FAQ.

    So NO cooking-type utensils at all? What about an electric stove thing we can run on batteries? Or what about if we keep something in our van?

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    Well if its an electronic stove... then you physically can't because there are no outlets there period.
    If its a propane stove (which was my plan) you cant because you are simply not allowed. And that is that.

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