Friend sent me this article at work, thought it was worth mentioning although they really don't suggest anything revolutionary:

I agree with a lot of it...I almost think Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Lykke Li are a given (if they're available), they just make too much sense to not at least be highly considered (along with Adele and Florence + The Machine who are not mentioned here). Big acts with (varying degrees of) indie cred who will look impressive on the poster and draw big crowds...almost too easy of a prediction.

I liked the arguments for a lot of the likely tent bands too as those are the most difficult to predict (well, apart from headliners). I thought their tracking of labels who are successful at getting their artists booked was interesting. Holy Ghost! would be great, I can easily see The Naked and Famous happening as well. I'm sure Justice will be there, but I really disagree with them suggesting a headlining spot. Beasties I'm not too sold on.