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Thread: Post one (AND ONLY ONE) picture of your favorite coachella moment

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    Default Post one (AND ONLY ONE) picture of your favorite coachella moment

    So I was browsing through my pictures of past coachellas, and I thought that it would be an interesting exercise if everyone posted their single favorite picture that they have taken of their favorite coachella moment.

    This could create a interesting collage of everybody's favorite memories of our amazing festival.

    you can post only one picture
    you can only post pictures that you have taken or pictures where you are the subject

    lemme start:

    I know I'll get some flack for this but it truly was my favorite coachella moment. up till this point, besides the prodigy and the chemical brothers, I really didn't listen to electronic music. this truly was a life changing moment.

    one white light illuminates the robots at the opening of their set; no one knew what they had in store for us and how their stage show would evolve. much in the way that my love for electronic music has evolved, opening my ears to 100's of new songs and sounds.


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