I will be updating this top part as we go so you can always jump here.

You can inquire about your lost item by emailing info@coachella.com


If your item is not here, you can also post what you are looking for in this thread in case someone picked up your item and didn't turn it in to lost and found.


Please do not email over and over again. It slows the process for EVERYONE. I am looking at inbox and I see multiple people have emailed 2 or 3 times so it looks like I have 2 or 3 times as many emails and will be answering the same thing over and over again because I answer in order received. STOP EMAILING MULTIPLE TIMES. OR I WILL CUT YOU.

6/21/11 Update

We may have something of yours:
Abigail g Yucca Valley CA USA
Alexander R London UK
Alexander r London UK
Alexandria b Los Angeles CA USA
Alice m Chicago IL USA
Alice M Chicago IL USA
Amanda b San Dimas CA USA
Amber M Coachella CA USA
Amber m Coachella CA USA
Amelia f Portland OR USA
Amelia F Portland OR USA
Amy B Placentia CA USA
Amy b Placentia CA USA
Andre b Northridge CA USA
Andre B Northridge CA USA
Andrea a Los Angeles CA USA
Andrea A Los Angeles CA USA
Anjulie L Vancouver BC Canada
Anjulie l Vancouver BC Canada
Anthony b San Diego CA USA
Anthony B San Diego CA USA
Anthony d Walnut CA USA
Anton b USA
Ariel N San Diego CA USA
Ariel n San Diego CA USA
Benjamin r Philadelphia PA USA
Bianca k Anchorage AK USA
Bianca K Anchorage AK USA
Bianca s Tucson AZ USA
Bianca S Tucson AZ USA
Bradley c Sparks NV USA
Bradley C Sparks NV USA
Britanny Q Goodyear AZ USA
Brittany q Goodyear AZ USA
Cameron m Pymble NSW Australia
Cameron M Pymble NSW Australia
Carl B London UK
Carl b London UK
Charles m Dsrt Hot Spgs CA USA
Charles W
Christian m Northridge CA USA
Christian M Northridge CA USA
Christopher H Citrus Hts CA USA
Christopher C Lindfield NSW Australia
Christopher H Moreno Valley CA USA
Christopher h Citrus Hts CA USA
Christopher c Lindfield NSW Australia
Christopher l Moreno Valley CA USA
Conor f Oceanside CA USA
Corie P Astoria NY USA
Courtney c USA
Daniel w Riverside CA USA
Daniel W Riverside CA USA
Daniela d Miami FL USA
Daniela D Miami FL USA
Danielle D Reno NV USA
Danielle d Reno NV USA
David y La Quinta CA USA
David Y La Quinta USA
David c Mission Hills CA USA
David c Murrieta CA USA
David c Pico Rivera CA USA
Deisy s Coachella CA USA
Deisy S Coachella CA USA
Dexter M Sylmar CA 91342
Dexter m Sylmar CA USA
Edward o Granada Hils CA USA
Elizabeth f Philadelphia PA USA
Elizabeth F Philadelphia PA USA
Elizabeth a Santa Monica CA USA
Esenya a Phoenix AZ USA
Esenya A Phoenix AZ USA
Fraz a Palm Springs CA USA
Fraz A Palm Springs CA USA
Garrett a Palm Springs CA USA
Garrett A Palm Springs CA USA
Gavin P Marina del CA USA
Gavin p Marina del Rey CA USA
Georgia s West Hills CA USA
Hadley k Atlanta GA USA
Hannah e Beverly Hills CA USA
Hannah n Kittery ME USA
Hannah s Whittier CA USA
Heather c Edmonds WA USA
Heather C Edmonds WA USA
Hernan h CA USA
Imran h San Francisco CA USA
Isaac l San Clemente CA USA
Jack f Walnut Creek CA USA
Jacqueline m Milton MA USA
James l Hinsdale IL USA
James L Hinsdale IL USA
Jason b San Diego CA USA
Jason B San Diego CA USA
Jay h Toowong Queensland Australia
Jay H Toowong Australia
Jennifer W Cardiff CA USA
Jennifer R Surrey BC Canada
Jennifer w Cardiff CA USA
Jennifer r Surrey BC Canada
Jenny D Healdsburg CA USA
Jenny d Healsburg CA USA
Jessica w London UK
Jessica W London UK
Jessica b Los Angeles CA USA
Jessica l Palo Alto CA USA
Jessica L Palo Alto CA USA
John r Marina del Rey CA USA
Johnathan h Sun Valley CA USA
Jonathan c Phoenix AZ USA
Jonathan C Phoenix AZ USA
Joseph o La Canada CA USA
Joseph O La Canada CA USA
Joseph c NJ USA
Julian Q USA
Justin s Rancho Palos Verdes CA USA
Justin k Toluca Lake CA USA
Justin K Toluca Lake CA USA
Katerina D CA USA
Katina m Chile
Katina M Chile
Kayvon m USA
Kelly B La Canada CA USA
Kelly b La Canada CA USA
Koger s Artesia NM USA
Koger S Artesia NM USA
Koren L Hugtington Beach USA
Koren l Huntington Bch CA USA
Kyle W Calgary AB Canada
Kyle w Calgary AB Canada
Laura Noel K Irvine CA USA
Lauren g Camarillo CA USA
Lauren G Camarillo CA USA
Leona L Buena Park CA USA
Lindsay a Riverside CA USA
Lindsay A Riverside CA USA
Lindsey m Santa Ana CA USA
Lindsey M Santa Ana CA USA
Lorenz K W Hartford CT USA
Lorenz k West hartford CT USA
Luis A Chula Vista CA USA
Luis M Goleta CA USA
Madeline a Reno NV USA
Madeline A Reno NV USA
Malika k Berkeley CA USA
Malika K Berkley CA USA
Margaret o Seattle WA USA
Margaret O Seattle WA USA
Mark V Vancouver BC Canada
Mark v Vancouver BC Canada
Matthew B Horizon City TX USA
Matthew k Las Vegas NV USA
Matthew K Las Vegas NV USA
Matthew w Westlake TX USA
Matthew W Westlake TX USA
Matthew S Woolooware NSW Australia
Maxwell h La Canada CA USA
Maxwell H La Canada CA USA
Meagan L Whistler BC Canada
Melissa a USA
Meryll r Gent Belgium
Meryll R Belgium
Michael s Centralia WA USA
Michael S Centralia WA USA
Michael J Sacramento CA USA
Michael c USA
Michelle R Norwalk CA USA
Miguel t USA
Neda n Los Angeles CA USA
Neda N Los Angeles CA USA
Nicholas S Trinidad
Nichole p Astoria NY USA
Nicholus b Pacific Plsds CA USA
Nicholus B Pacific Plsds CA USA
Nicole C La Quinta CA USA
Nicole W Santa Barbara CA USA
Nicole w USA
Oliver l Santa Monica CA USA
Oliver L Santa Monica CA USA
Olubusola L Palmdale CA USA
Paul c Panton Hill VIC Australia
Paul C Panton Hill VIC Australia
Paul h USA
Peter g North Bay ON Canada
Peter G North Bay ON USA
Petra Z Vancouver BC Canada
Philip m Michel Hidalgo DF Mexico
Philip Justin M Mexico
Rachel S Long Beach CA USA
Raymond R Los Angeles CA USA
Raymond r Los Angeles CA USA
Robert G Sanford ME USA
Robert r Virgina Beach VA USA
Robert g Sanford ME USA
Robynne b La Quinta CA USA
Robynne B La Quinta CA USA
Roy h CA USA
Russell v Irvine CA USA
Russell V Irvine CA USA
Sabrina t Irvine CA USA
Sabrina T Irvine CA USA
Samuel z Gloucester MA USA
Samuel Z Gloucester MA USA
Sandy M Los Angeles CA USA
Sasha P La Palma CA USA
Sean Rooney Virginia Beach VA USA
Shane K Reno NV USA
Sharon r Torrance CA USA
Sharon Reeh Torrance CA USA
Tara l Santa Barbara CA USA
Tara L Santa Barbara CA USA
Taylor f Newport Bch CA USA
Taylor F Newport Beach CA USA
Theodore D Davis CA USA
Timothy k Reno NV USA
Tracy i Solvang CA USA
Tracy I Solvang CA USA
Trent p Manhattan Bch CA USA
Trent P Manhattan Beach CA USA
Tyler b Los Angeles CA USA
Tyler B Los Angeles CA USA
Walter R Guatemala
Whitney k San Juan Capo CA USA
Yashica a Tucson AZ USA
Zachary j Ontario CA USA
Zachary J Ontario CA USA