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    I saw a lot of people walking around with DSLRs without any media wristbands. Either the security sucked ass or Coachella realized that they're merely a harmless accessory nowadays. Were you able to bring yours in? What did the security say?

    Also, was sunscreen not allowed? I would expect a festival held in the desert would be a little more lenient about allowing these type of liquids in the venue. I saw a girl that was given an option to either empty out her sunscreen (So she can carry an empty bottle around? -_-) or throw it out at the gate by security.

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    I was wondering the same thing about the cameras. Security questioned me about my camera every day. I brought sun screen in with no problem...strange.

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    If you have a bag they will go through it and give you shit for making them work; now I went in with full water bottles a few times. Just have to treat it like it's supposed to be coming with you.

    I saw a ton of camel bags and I know those weren't allowed for the past few years...

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