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Thread: Long line customer service - scanning problems

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    Default Long line customer service - scanning problems

    So we were checked once when we got in but when we got to the entrance we got sent to customer service where there's a two hundred or so in line. And its not moving. Welcome to Clusterfuckchella vresion 2011. Anyone else?

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    Default Re: Long line customer service - scanning problems

    keep us posted. all info good or bad is helpful!

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    In. But this is BS. Massive problems if they don't fix.

    So we came in on the shuttle and got scanned initially. No prob. Guy with a Palm Pilot. Then tried to get into the fest. Red light. Sent to customer service. Several hundred in line. Then someone comes out and says the VIP wristbands have been reset. We head back to the gate. 200 yards getting to 90 degrees. Red light.

    Several of us find a supervisor. Takes us back to customer service. Thankfully they send us to thed front. Guys with palm pilots can't figure out what's wrong. Talks to his supervisor. Thinks it will work. We head back over. Green light. We are in.

    My anecdotal unscientific survey says this is happening a lot. If they don't get a handle on this, it'll be as bad as last year on Friday. CLUSTERFUCKCHELLA V2011.0

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