This year, I participated in the Global Inheritance TRASHed art contest for Coachella - the one where they set up all the re-designed recycling bins across the festival grounds. I won the opportunity to buy a ticket at face value through them and was told to pick it up at Will Call. They told me this two days ago after I had assumed they would be able to mail it to me after the contest ended on the 7th.

The Coachella website says: "If your order was pushed to will call and you need a ride from Indian Wells Tennis Garden to the Festival site, Patron's can request a one-way voucher to ride the Shuttle to site. (designed for travelers who were expecting to use public transport of some sort to get to the festival site, but are now pushed to Tennis Garden)."

This is unclear and includes a typo, so hopefully someone can clarify. How do I go about requesting this voucher to get to the festival site? Do I qualify for it since I participated in a program sponsored by the festival? Who exactly do I talk to about it at the Tennis Garden? What are this shuttle's hours?

Also, any advice on crashing with a sleeping bag at Will Call? Since I have to work today I won't get into Indio until around 2 AM when it closes. Since I need the wristband to get into the campsite, I'll have nowhere to go if I can't make it, until WC opens again at 8 on Friday morning.