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Thread: anyone in dallas needs a wristband?

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    Default anyone in dallas needs a wristband?

    I just found out I wont be able to go to coachella anymore

    My once-a-week-class professor decided that If i wasnt in class on monday by 1:30pm, 10 points would be taken off my final grade!!!! THAT'S A WHOLE LETTER GRADE PEOPLE!!!! There's no way I will make it back to dallas before that so now i need to sell my wristband :'(

    if you live in the dallas area we can meet in person, if not I can always overnight it to you and do the payment thru paypal. My friends are still going so if you just wanna meet them there and give them the money that's fine too. I just wanna make sure I have someone who'll buy the ticket
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    Default Re: anyone in dallas needs a wristband?

    Can someone pwwwweeeeezze buy my ticket?!?!!!?!?


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    Default Re: anyone in dallas needs a wristband?

    I am sure someone in Dallas needs a wristband. That 214 area code needs to represent!

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